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XLF Financial ETF Breaks above Resistance to New 6-year High

The XLF financial ETF just soared to new highs not seen since September 2008. Perhaps more interesting than this new high is the pattern of this breakout. 242 more words


Deflationary Risk

It may be somewhat controversial to state the biggest risk to the economy is DEflation, not INflation, however, this is where the evidence leads. To say this is a contrary opinion is an understatement. 2,661 more words


Deih XLF - Insight Mural

Street artist Deih XLF recently got busy on an amazing portrait style mural in his hometown of Valencia, Spain. The stunning mural featured his graphic style and was entitled “Insight.”


A Rareview Macro View: "There's NO Gold in Them Thar Hills"

It was in early 1849 that the director of the Mint at Dahlonega, Dr. M. F. Stephenson spoke from the steps of the mint building in a futile attempt to convince the miners to remain in Georgia to mine rather than to flock to California to chase what might be an impossible dream. 856 more words

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