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loop through xml node

foreach (XmlNode xRoomNode in xDoc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes(“Student/Subject”))
sqlCommand.Parameters.Add(“@room_code”, SqlDbType.VarChar, 500).Value = xRoomNode.SelectSingleNode(“@SubjectCode”).InnerText;


“SAP MII 12.2/SAP Netweaver Admin” for Full-Time position in Troy, MI.

Job Title: “SAP MII 12.2 & SAP Netweaver Administration”

Job Location: Troy, MI.

Job Duration: Permanent

Job Nature: Full-Time Hire (FTH), Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

Required Years of Experience: … 66 more words


MSBUILD: Targets, Tasks and Properties

MSBUILD – From the Start

MSBuild projects files are composed of XML. The simplest form of a project file contains only a Project element.

<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003">
 </Project> 518 more words

Working with large XML files without losing your sanity


Speaking as a Sitecore developer, XML files have the tendency to become so large that it’s tricky to figure out where exactly you’re working, seen from an XPath perspective. 419 more words


Merging Tabular and XML Data

I just finished working on a project where I needed to marry tabular data with data stored in a text field that is formatted as XML (the data, not the data type). 478 more words


TEI Members Meeting, 2015 : call for bids

Dear Community,

Arrangements for this year’s annual TEI Members’ Meeting, to be hosted by Northwestern University, in Evanston Illinois, October 22–24, 2014 are now well in hand. 596 more words


TEI Hackathon: Report by Elli Bleeker

Name: Elli Bleeker

Twitter: @ellibleeker

Email: elli.bleeker@uantwerpen.be


Working group project: ODD visualization


Contribution to group project: in comparison with the other participants, my experience with and knowledge of ODD and JSON was limited. 375 more words