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Consuming an RSS feed with PowerShell

Here is a fun little function I created to check the current sales running at woot.com.

function woot {
  $url = 'http://api.woot.com/1/sales/current.rss'
  if ($site -ne "") {
     $url = "http://api.woot.com/1/sales/current.rss/{0}.woot.com" -f $site
  $wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
   $xml = $wc.DownloadString($url)
  $woots = $xml.GetElementsByTagName("item") | sort link
  foreach ($woot in $woots) {
    if ($woot.wootoff -eq "true") {$woof="woot!"} else {$woof=""}
    $props = @{
       site=($woot.link -split "\.")[0] -replace "http://","";
       '%sold'=($_.soldoutpercentage) * 100;
    new-object -type PSObject -prop $props
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A window.fetch JavaScript polyfill.

Click to Read: The global fetch function is an easier way to make web requests and handle responses than using an XMLHttpRequest. This polyfill is written as closely as possible to the standard Fetch specification at https://fetch.spec.whatwg.org.


Load indicators library

Click to Read: Neat 2D and 3D load indicators/spinners to use in your app. The library converts pre made spritesheets to an AnimationDrawable to returns a Loader object than extends from ImageView. 10 more words


Android Styles and Themes

Click to Read: Android gives us the opportunity to specify the format and the design of Viewcomponents or screens of our app, by declaring some characteristics such as color, margin, text size etc. 57 more words


Senior Android Developer with a VC funded Mobile Start-up in Bangalore

You will help build cutting-edge apps on Android platform for leading content marketers. You will shape the framework which is being used to build the Android apps for content marketers. 266 more words

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Transforming isn't always as easy as Bippity-boppity-boo

This year I started working towards a web development certificate at the University of Cincinnati.

Since I spent the past four years of my undergrad painting things and making tiny bottles out of clay, it’s been quite challenging to wrap my mind around all the XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, and JAVA. 726 more words

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Piping an API into R: a Data Science Workflow

Inspired by @jeroenhjanssens, author of the Data Science Toolbox, I decided to give a go to one of the most unfriendly data sources: An XML API. 421 more words

Data Mining