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10 Must-Have Visual Studio Productivity Add-Ins I use everyday and recommend to every . Net Developer

Visual Studio provides a rich extensibility model that developers at Microsoft and in the community have taken advantage of to provide a host of quality add-ins. 4,320 more words


WebGIS using Google Map Api , XML, Mysql, JavaScript, PHP, HTML

Saya akan kembali berbagi pengalaman kepada para pembaca blog yang Budiman,  mengenai pengalaman coding/ngoprek WebGIS berbasis Google MAP, case yang saya miliki kira kira seperti ini; 1,109 more words

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Inserting a banner ad into an Android project using XML

Note: anything related to Android will be categorised in the Java section.

Personally, I find that the easiest method to insert an advertisement banner into your android app is to use XML.  536 more words


Thursday goals

Today’s goals: Finish my mobile app prototype for TAFE.  Or at least make a big dent in it.  Spend an hour on XML.  Spend another hour on PHP.  Lets see how we go!  

XML in action

Here’s data from three of this blog’s videos (posted on March 28th,  April 5th, and April 11th) translated into XML code with DITA tags. This was created using Aptana Studio. 242 more words

XML file with Java DOM, SAX, JDOM (mkyong)

In Java JDK, two built-in XML parsers are available – DOM and SAX, both have their pros and cons. Here’s few examples to show how to create, modify and read a XML file with Java  403 more words

All about XML transformation using XSLT and C#

XML is a universal format for data exchange, most of the data repository owners store their data in xml format, and apply XSLT to transform the XML from one format to another when required, I came across to a similar project, where we were storing everything in XML and then while processing the data we needed to display in other format. 362 more words