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visual c++ xml example

Visual C++ XML Example

// includes
#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>
#import <msxml4.dll>

using namespace MSXML2;
using namespace std;

// in main
IXMLDOMDocument2Ptr fpXMLDomDoc;
string xmlfile("/tmp/test.xml");

// initalise the COM environment
fpRes = CoInitialize(NULL);
if ( fpRes ) {
  cerr << "Failed to initialize COM environment, errCode=" << fpRes << endl;

fpRes = fpXMLDomDoc.CreateInstance(__uuidof(DOMDocument40));
if ( fpRes ) {
  cerr << "Failed to instantiate an XML DOM Document class DOMDocument40,"
       << "errCode=" << fpRes << endl;

// turn off async, prevents return before complete document loaded. 165 more words

Usando Nokogiri para analizar detalles en la web.

Veamos como emplear la gem Nokogiri (http://www.nokogiri.org/) para analizar algunos detalles simples en una web.

Nokogiri es un parser para HTML, XML y SAX que permite buscar elementos empleando los selectores de CSS3 o XPath. 320 more words


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Manager of Implementations for iPayables.

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The Difficulties of Digitisation

Our second session of Digital Humanities was centred on ‘Data Acquisition and Markup’. I must admit, I left feeling more confused than enlightened. Talk of ‘XML’ and ‘metadata’ had my head spinning and the numerous ways of digitising sources such as using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), made me want to curl up in a ball. 493 more words