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SeedWorld (my voxel world engine) first update

So here’s what I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. It seems that I have wanted to do a procedural voxel style world for some time and now have just started, only 4 years late on the voxel/cube graphics trend :D… 1,448 more words


REVIEW: Zombie Hunter IV

Ahem. Ah… ahem. Where to begin? Well, Zombie Hunter IV ($1.00) here is a zombie zombie zombie. It’s got zombie zombie and more zombies. It’s a first-person zombie with an assortment of zombified zombies to zombie from. 454 more words

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Limitations of Runtime Heightmap Terrain

In previous posts I have discussed the techniques for runtime generation of landscape form from fixed meshes using heighmap textures to generate Y coordinate offsets, this technique is very fast in execution and very frugal in GPU bandwidth. 451 more words

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REVIEW: Scarlet the Zombie Slayer

There’s simultaneously a feeling of odd comfort and outright dread whenever I get the news I’m covering another zombie game here. For every stellar title that switches up the formula, I get half a dozen vanilla (pun intended) games that do the bare minimum and expect to get by on popular culture alone. 449 more words

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Synthetic DNA called XNA

DNA is the universal genetic code for all life; RNA takes these codes and transfers then synthesizes them into proteins. Without DNA & RNA life wouldn’t exist. 244 more words


REVIEW: Ascension - Climb The Tower

Minus my many colorful phrases and the formation of all-new curse words in response to its difficulty, I liked Towerfall Ascension. I missed out on it when it hit the OUYA… 563 more words

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Candy Crushing Dodger Rainbow Extreme

Things are wrong in the world of gaming. Poor developers are being attacked by a ruthless monster! But you can’t do anything about it, so why not collect some beans!

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