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REVIEW: JewellCity

As far as videogames go, both Sim City and Tetris are part of the lingua franca. Almost everyone has at least heard of them, if not… 475 more words

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XNA/Monogame Instant FPS Counter

Making a frame counter is a pain in the ass. It’s almost ALWAYS the same code. So here’s a class to make it easy as humanly possible to add an FPS counter to your Monogame/XNA game. 121 more words

Xna 4.0 Game Development by Example: Beginner's Guide

XNA 4.0 Game Development By Example authored by Kurt Jaegers is an excellent book for anyone who wants to learn XNA 4.0 games development. As you work through the book you develop some games including Flood Control, Astroid Belt Assault, Robot Rampage, and Gemstone Hunter. 52 more words


REVIEW: SuperCollider

SuperCollider ($1.00) seems like the end result of a feverish Red Bull1 weekend and a marathon session spent in Microsoft Paint. Between the ‘loud’ backgrounds and the cringe-worthy visual style, I can’t think of any other explanation. 373 more words

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REVIEW: The Party

The Party ($1.00) is dreadful stuff. I probably could have used a better lead-in to that statement, but I figured it was best to get it right out there in the least amount of time, ‘time’ being something that… 577 more words

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REVIEW: Amazing Princess Sarah

For years now, the 2D Castlevanias (and, of course, all the Castlevania-likes) have been struggling with a pretty significant part of their gameplay— how to make the constant overworld battles with whatever evil dungeon / cave / castle’s numerous foot soldiers interesting… 696 more words

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I’ve managed to implement a simple wander AI for enemies, at the minute the movement is a bit erratic but I’m confident I can fine tune it to create fluid natural motion. 258 more words