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Where I've learned to code

Well, this is basically the first entry of my blog. After a while thinking where should I start I’ve decided to share you some webpages from where I’ve learned to program. 344 more words


Bubble Pop

Bubble pop is a game I developed for Windows Phone back in March of 2014.

The aim of the game was to pop as many bubbles as you could in 60 seconds. 46 more words


Reaction Test

Reaction Test is a game I made for windows phone 7 roughly around February 2014.

The aim of the game is to tap the screen as soon as you see a little pig run across. 55 more words


REVIEW: Super MechaMan

Your natural inclination is to read Super MechaMan ($1.00) like ‘Mega Man’, thus assuming you’re getting yourself into some kind of very colorful and kiddish… 497 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games


First off, if you find you have even a passing interest in BLASTEROIDS ($1.00) before reading this review, by all means, go and download DeadKings… 448 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games

REVIEW: Impossiball

Two paddles, one ball1. The most simple formula in gaming. A lot of indie developers that are just starting out probably start out with that very formula. 471 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games


Stuff like hermitgames‘ DELTA1 ($2.99) should really come labeled with a pair of warnings. The first is good news up front; the game is a fully-addictive arcade racer, has that ‘one more try’ quality that plenty of games aspire to but most don’t ultimately achieve. 539 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games