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REVIEW: Fat Cow - Hot Air

Fat Cow – Hot Air ($1.00) may be a slightly-less awesome title than one of 20 Goto 10 Games’ previous works, Magic Thighs & Slightly Phil… 406 more words

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REVIEW: Assault Ops: Warzone

Assault Ops: Warzone ($1.00) has a lot in common with the plain-old vanilla-no-subtitle-here Assault Ops. No doubt that’s intentional, and easy enough to spot anyway… 420 more words

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Evolution - Update on Level Generation

I’ve been working on Evolution more lately, and after moving over to C# with it I’ve been toying with procedurally generated levels.

I’ve made a little testing pit for myself to mess about with the level gen without affecting the main codebase and I’ve come up with some concepts that I’d like to incorporate into the final game. 145 more words


REVIEW: Really Scary

Really Scary ($1.00) is the fourth title (in as many months) from developer Chris Antoni to feature a low-budget horror set and Five Nights At Freddy’s… 429 more words

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REVIEW: Croc's World 2

Despite some crisp, cheery visuals and a lovable croc mascot with a football helmet, I didn’t like the original Croc’s World. Most of that had to do with the fact that it was almost a straight… 479 more words

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REVIEW: Block King

In simple terms, Block King ($1.00) is a first-person shooter for up to eight players online1 (there is no single-player option, minus the trial / tutorial), featuring various unlockable shapes and shaders as combatants. 469 more words

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Pheonix Armada - C# Space Shooter

As a child I would play space shooters for days on end. I would play games on the Genesis such as Hellfire, that would become the foundation of gaming at my childhood. 556 more words