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REVIEW: Recall

Looking past all the various skin on display in the image above (and throughout the entirety of the game, for that matter), Golconda‘s latest,  558 more words

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Full Screening an XNA Game

I’ve been stuck on this recently, I’ve been creating a new game and I didn’t want to progress any further on it before I had the ability for my screen to re-size and all the sprites sizes and positions to scale with the screen. 198 more words


[PROJECT] Evolution Prototype Release

I’ve slowed work on my XNA Project (which I’m now calling Evolution) due to me getting ready to start University soon, however I expect once I get settled into my schedule I’ll begin work on this project again. 223 more words



It’s not the most glamorous job, and the stench has got to be unbelievable, but certainly garbagemen have to be considered among the unsung heroes of the world… 469 more words

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REVIEW: Paintball Wars 2

The original Paintball War came out at (what I consider to be) a turning point for first-person shooters on XBLIG, a time of enlightenment when developers really started to hit the mark in terms of control and design. 508 more words

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REVIEW: Xenominer Swarm

Though some would classify the original Xenominer as a ‘sci-fi Minecraft‘ and nothing more on sight alone, it’s heavy emphasis on survival on a harsh planet made it much more than a simple clone. 612 more words

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REVIEW: DeadKings

The game of Checkers1 is an old one, possibly the oldest. It’s rules are relatively simple; two sides, two sets. Men can make diagonal moves on the board, only going forward, while King pieces—having reached the other side of the board unscathed— have the luxury of moving diagonally in either direction. 760 more words

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