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REVIEW: Fright Light

When it comes to cheesy horror, we’ve all done it; yelled at a character onscreen (or in-game, as it were) to get the hell out of the obviously-haunted house, ditch the creepy dude and call the police, etc., etc.. 654 more words

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REVIEW: Survival Games: Season 1

Given XBLIG’s recent plight, its various brushes with death, and the lack of new games worthy of a look, it’s been rare to come across a release that you can truly be excited about. 940 more words

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Episode 15 - Michael Hicks

Listen to the podcast.

Designer and musician on Pillar, a collection  of minigames, each with unique personalities and challenges, which his headed to PS4.

Previously, Michael and I had coordinated the third Indie Games Summer Uprising in 2012, which  was a showcase for XNA developers on Xbox 360. 98 more words


REVIEW: Zombie Purge

Doubtless we’ve all had our fill of zombies in one form of media or another1. Not enough to go ‘cold turkey’ and disavow them altogether, mind you, but enough to start turning away the newcomers that are (very) late to the party. 352 more words

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Alien Banjo Attackers from Space

Alien Banjo Attackers from Space is a game developed as part of the coursework in the first year of University.

It has been written in C# using XNA framework, so it’s aimed for both Windows and Xbox360. 65 more words


REVIEW: Date The Boss

Just when I was in the midst of convincing myself that ‘skin’ games on XBLIG had turned a corner and were approaching something of an acceptable genre (not really, but it sounds better in that phrasing), … 427 more words

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Clocked On

Clocked On is the latest in fast-paced arcade style space shooters. Move your ship around to avoid the incoming asteroids while shooting down enemy ships with bullets and missiles, all the while trying to collect power ups, keep up your multiplier and rack up the greatest kill streak. 60 more words