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REVIEW: Bad Bunny

Don’t let Bad Bunny‘s ($1.00) Batman-esque box art fool you; there is nothing Dark Knight-ish (but mabye slightly Donnie Darko-ish?) about this game. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 280 more words

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REVIEW: 2048: Xbox 360 Edition

Oh, poor Mobile Gaming Pop Culture. After losing Flappy Bird to the great Bird Nest in the Sky (though it’s destined to be resurrected), it needed a new craze to bide its time during the long workday. 402 more words

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Bad Bunny

Approximately nine hours ago, I started watching the new Hobbit movie with Brian. Weirdly enough, the counter on the television indicates that we only began watching it one and a half hours ago. 505 more words

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REVIEW: Super Broken Games

Besides a casual glance at it on the marketplace, my first experience with Super Broken Games ($1.00) came with a tweet from the always-lovely Cathy at Indie Gamer Chick, who could not play the game due to epilepsy concerns with the pulsating menu and in-game effects. 404 more words

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XNA to MonoGame – 'Full-Screen' Window

The purpose of this post is to give an explanation of how to make your XNA and MonoGame game window faux full-screen, that is to say borderless window… 653 more words

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REVIEW: Bitcoin Tycoon

Though popular culture (and the jokes it spawns) doesn’t always translate well to videogame form when it’s the ‘whole game’, Bitcoin Tycoon ($1.00) had me at ‘breeding alpacas’. 439 more words

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REVIEW: Mysterious Blue Valley

The aura around Mysterious Blue Valley ($1.00) seemed promising at first. A trip to an unknown destination, the allure of a potential job, being taken under the wing of the equally-mysterious ‘Mr. 517 more words

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