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From the Barrios to the Government: Challenges in Argentina

As much fun as I have been having in Buenos Aires, there are many problems evident within the education and economic framework of the country.  One of the most glaring issues has to do with the vastly underperforming educational system.  1,271 more words

Day 2: Dolar Blue

If you’re going to Argentina, you’re ripping yourself off by not transferring your money into pesos on the black market at the “Dolar Blue” rate. After a discussion with a few different people in Australia I decided that I was going to give it a crack. 577 more words

Changing of the Guard: Xoom No More

Smart Phones have become so big in our lives. Like everyone else, I have become dependent on my little, red Droid RAZR for all manner of communication, but there are still some things that require a bigger screen…watching movies, working with presentations (when the laptop isn’t near), and reading Kindle books. 799 more words


Examining the Xoom.com Home Page

Xoom is a great service that allows you to send money overseas easily, quickly, and securely. The site definitely has a low-fi aesthetic but I suspect that it works well on an international level. 619 more words


Mixed Breed HELL!

Well, it seems I opened the floodgates of mixed breed hell with my last blog, “Mutt or Magic?” I should have known that discussing the mixation (my new word) of breeds would be right up there with religion, politics, raw feeding (well that seems to be dying down of late), positive training vs. 1,709 more words

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