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Sorry for no posting

So guys sorry for no posting, it’s been like a month!

I don’t post because of the scool, it’s just so stressful and it hasn’t start yet!! 94 more words

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James Patterson...and HARRY POTTER!!

Recently I have been busy and going to the library with my boyfriend. I came across this book by James Patterson which is called Hide and Seek. 113 more words

Wattpad Lovin'

Hello gorgeous beings!

How have you been, ey? Doing good? Doing fine? If not, it’s not too late to do something nice and feel some good vibes. 321 more words


Canadian Thanksgiving in the Good Ol' US of A

I spent my Canadian Thanksgiving this year with my husband and step-daughter in Indiana, something of which we have never celebrated together, and of course, something that bewildered my 7-year-old American step-daughter. 179 more words


There Can Always be One More Day

To You,

I have just returned from my latest visit to my husband and step-daughter in Indiana. And although I will give a more appreciative recollection of my travels in a later post, right now I am rather frustrated with the ongoing obstacles of immigration and lack of clarity amongst those who call these trips ‘holidays’. 797 more words


Chuck and Blair

Many of you have probably heard of the show Gossip Girl, although many of you may not know much about it. The show is centered around a group of privileged, highly nefarious teens living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 449 more words