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Things I Love Thursday

Very long exposure shot of Milky Way from Chile by Nicholas Buer.

Anna and I went to Auckland Armageddon for Sunday afternoon. I had a lot of fun cosplaying with her as Cecil and Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale, and we were both very excited when people recognised who were being. 368 more words


New Geo Rings!

If you love jewelry that is unique, you will love these new Geo Rings we just got in! These pieces definitely make a statement or a conversation piece! 372 more words



So today I went to the dermatologist, she said me I’m fine but I have to continue with the medication, I have my lips very dry, and idk I feel bad with myself because of my appearance. 95 more words

Follow Me

To My New Minions (Followers, but still.)

Thanks for following my blog! I really really really appreciate it, like really.

Please feel free to contact me (and stalk me) if you’d like! 30 more words

Shits & Giggles Of My Life

Five MORE Surprising Origins of Common Phrases


Today, this phrase is so widely used that everybody thinks they know what it means. We’ve all heard a story about a one night stand – and maybe told one…! 660 more words


XOXO, The Hipster Clerisy and #gamergate pt. 1

New Oxford American Dictionary
clerisy |ˈklerəsē|
noun [ usu. treated as pl. ]
a distinct class of learned or literary people: the clerisy are those who read for pleasure. 638 more words