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Fighting Zombies -- De-Duplicating Our Finding Aids

It’s one of those problems that drive everyone a little nutty. I mentioned in my previous posts that I’ve been looking across our finding aids to get a better sense of how well we’re meeting standards. 1,121 more words


Traverse XML data

Find a sequence of child elements under a specific element.

for $x in doc('xml-file.xml')/path/to/element/*

“*” specifies any elements under the specified element, except attributes since attributes are not child elements. 25 more words



XQuery is a query language for querying over XML data using XPath. XQuery is written by FLWR expression (sometimes FLER can be FLOWR), each means F:For clause, L:Let clause, W:Where clause, and R:Return clause (O:Order by clause). 96 more words


How good is our data as data?

It’s a cliche to say that adoption of EAD is only gradually moving from a way to mark-up text-based documents to a way of encoding archival data-as-data. 659 more words

Legacy Data