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More ImportXML Cookbooks

5 Scrapers for the price of 1 blog post! Here’s a new collection of 64 new ImportXML formulas and 5 spreadsheets to jump start your scrape-fest.

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Website Development

A technical fix to a supervisory fumble

One of these days, I’m going to create a checklist for students creating file lists in Archivists’ Toolkit. You know how this goes, right? Maybe a colleague has a student whose time she needs to fill, and you happen to have a data entry project on hand. 184 more words


Figuring Out What Has Been Done: Making Sense of Versions

What was the problem?

We know that a lot of good work has been done to fix the problems we’ve identified, but there’s no quick-glance way of knowing whether a record has been exported from the AT and published to our finding aid database after the work was done. 644 more words

Legacy Data

XQuery - Fonksiyonlar

XQuery nin ikinci kısmında XQuery de bulunan veya tanımlanabilen fonksiyonlardan bahsedeceğim.

Öncelikle tanımlanmış fonksiyonlardan başlayalım. XQuery nin önceden tanımlanmış zilyon tane fonksiyonu vardır. Hepsinden bahsetmek bu yazıyı 100 sayfaya çıkaracağından dolayı internette biraz araştırma yaptım ve şu harika siteyi buldum: 717 more words

Figuring Out What Has Been Done: Duplicated Notes (And Documenting My Failed Attempt...)

What was the problem?

This time, I’m trying to track down see/see-also notes that, because of a problem in the original EAD 1.0 -> EAD 2002 transform, were duplicated to parent components. 536 more words

Legacy Data

XQuery Temelleri

6Kare Bilgi Teknolojileri’nde çalıştığım süre zarfı boyunca XML, XPath, XSLT ve benzeri x ile başlayan teknolojilerle haşır neşir oldum. Bu yazımda da yeni yeni alışmaya başladığım ve süreçlerimde kullandığım XQuery den bahsedeceğim. 930 more words