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Definition: (noun) The present or particular occasion. Synonyms: time being Usage: Her tendency to discover a touch of sadness had for the nonce disappeared. Discuss.

Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

October 17, Threatpost – (International) SAP patches DoS flaw in Netweaver. SAP released a patch for its Netweaver platform that closes a remotely exploitable denial of service (DoS) vulnerability reported by Core Security researchers in June. 340 more words


Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

What is XSS?

It is basically an attack, that is used to execute HTML and Javascript on the web-page. This attack can be done by submitting queries into text-boxes, or even into the URL. 503 more words

Security Testing

XSS – The Burning issue in Web application!!!

One of the largest portals was in news recently when their website was exploited by targeting XSS vulnerability. The person who compromised the website has also notified the portal with screenshots proving successful attack. 2,024 more words

Cross Site Scripting

How I made $2000 in 15 minutes

When I am not hunting I read about startups ,what’s happening in valley. I check their site , as a security guy I cannot control myself from checking their security. 658 more words

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Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

What is cross site scripting? 

Cross site scripting “XSS” in short is a way using that hacker can inject the JavaScript into your web page. 305 more words


Cross Site Scripting (XSS - A3)


“Hosting your business web site? Are you curious about the Reputation of your business and website? Do you CARE about your website USERS?”, then you must know about cross site scripting (XSS) and how it can dent your business and website’s reputation in market, so that you can take measures to protect your business, website and your users from XSS. 2,310 more words

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