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Same as it ever was

I know every single inch of this house. This house and the objects in it are like a picture.

Everything is in the same place… standing absolutely still… decaying and getting older. 166 more words

Kodak TriX 400

At Grandpa's Creek


Taken With:
Olympus XA
Kodak Plus-X Pan

Processed with:
XTOL 1:1 in a Jobo Tank

Enlargement on:
8×10 Ilford MGFB Classic Matt, Moersch SE6 Blue 1:10 3 min., toned with Moersch MT1 Selenium Toner 1:10 2 min. 585 more words

MT1 Selenium

No braids

These are from the second roll with Joana.

Unlike on previous sessions, this time, the tool of choice was the Nikon F3. It is obviously faster to handle than the Hasselblad and it allows me to shoot more and, I must say it again, it is a wonderful, wonderful camera. 195 more words

Kodak TriX 400


What better way of spending a day off from work than doing it with Joana?

It’s always great fun to have her around and I can’t state enough how amazing she is. 744 more words

Kodak TriX 400

My Venture with Kodak XTOL Developing

A lot of the time, It seems most everyone I speak to about photography just doesn’t understand why my main focus is in film photography. 707 more words


My strange uncles from abroad

Pentax Me Super + Rollei RPX 400 + Xtol Stock








Rollei Rpx 400

Konica Hexar AF + Kodak Trix + Xtol

Well, here I am again after a much needed time off.
I was totally burned out and, in fact, I’ve never felt like this on previous years. 385 more words

Kodak TriX 400