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Xtreme Hill Racer

Try and make your way over these 3 courses by upgrading your bike and mastering the obstacles. Complete the in game bonus objectives in order to fill up your gas tank mid attempt. 18 more words

Xtreme Motor

25 unique bike twisting levels, go upside down, collect all the photos and reach the exit.

Happy Record Retention Day!

As an XTREME SECRETARY, I am more than just a pile of sticky notes and five knuckles pounding electricity out of file cabinets. I am also — prepare yourself — the unit record retention coordinator for my area. 356 more words

Organization Screw-ups

Rajus Training - IEEE Xtreme 8.0

Raju was accepted at the Computer Science Department of a leading University and he is now interested in
becoming a winner at IEEEXtreme 8.0. However his programming skills are not ?sharp? 435 more words


Magic Square Solution - IEEE Xtreme 8.0

Johnny designed a magic square (square of numbers with the same sum for all rows, columns and
diagonals i.e. both the main diagonal – meaning the diagonal that leads from the top-left corner towards… 333 more words