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Xubuntu, Code::Blocks and Ctrl+F9

Code::Blocks uses the Shortcut Ctrl + F9 to do a build. Unfortunately uses Xubuntu in its default settings Ctrl + F9 to switch to the workspace 9, if available. 28 more words


How to install Virtualbox guest additions on Xubuntu 14.04

Note: The following instructions are tested in windows 7. Virtualbox installed in windows 7 and xubuntu 14.04 installed in virtualbox .

After installing xubuntu 14.04 we need enable the virtualbox guest additions to get the full screen other features like folder sharing. 139 more words


Migrating to Xubuntu

I’ve migrated my netbook’s Ubuntu installation to Xubuntu. The main reason is that Unity requires 3D acceleration that my netbook’s Intel card could not provide, so everything ran with software rendering. 56 more words


Lights of Different Colors

As discussed previously, Ubuntu has done a lot to popularize Linux on the desktop, but its not for everyone.  A lot of that has to do with the look and feel.   635 more words


Unable to Update Linux Due to Problem With MergeList Error

⌚ September 18, 2014

During a recent attempt to update Linux Mint and Xubuntu, I ran into an issue that I had never seen before. 1,069 more words