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Same network IP address in Virtual Box

Open virtual box full down menu, select network and change adapter attached to bridge.


Xubuntu 13.10, Compiz, and Emerald

Ah, Compiz. The graphical darling of the Linux world that instantly grabs people’s attention and makes them ask, “Cool! How can I make my computer do that?” 2,113 more words



This is blog is about prototypes that my classmates did in building a prototype-class.

Dota2 Timer

Most interesting prototype in my opinion were Dota2 timer. 280 more words


Why Linux Mint, Kubuntu, Lubuntu or Xubuntu are better then Ubuntu

Sorry for the really long title, but it was needed to be said in-order to get the point across.

I have been a fan of Ubuntu for years, I have been using Linux since I first tried Ubuntu back when 6.04 was the big thing on the block. 522 more words


A personal review of Xfce


Once known as XFce, which stood for XForums Common Environment, but eventually dropped the use of XForums and is now known as “Xfce”(no longer capital f”). 812 more words


Linux palvelimena, kotitehtävä 7: Suorituskyvyn optimointia ja käänteisproxy

Tero Karvisen Linux palvelimena -kurssin seitsemäs kotitehtävä.

Harjoituksessa on käytetty HP EliteBook 2570p -tietokonetta ja Xubuntu 13.04 live-cd:tä.

Työaseman valmistelu

Vaihdetaan näppäimistön kieli suomeksi. 230 more words