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The xx

Marfa was treated to an intimate show by the popular English band The xx on April 7th.  The show was presented by The Chinati Foundation… 54 more words

Lesley Brown Photography

Watch Out.

Band: Wolf Alice

Song: Blush

Like: XX, Arthur Beatrice

Genre: Kick back and reflect

Arthur Beatrice

Dos Equis

Dos XX Brewing

So nice, they X-ed it twice. Actually, Dos Equis isn’t that nice, but it’s not terrible either. I’m sure the fact that this Mexican lager hovers somewhere in the vast, grey clouds of a world that encompasses all mediocre beers (a world that I imagine is called “Meh” and is maybe guarded by… 521 more words


even if you removed the devil

my eyes could not remain unspilled even if you willed
my pain would remain beating even if by you it were stilled
my anger could not remain buried even if by you it were killed… 33 more words


Music Monday - The XX

Yes, I realize I’m EXTREMELY late to the game, but I’ve recently had a couple songs by The XX pop up on my pandora mixes, and I just had to share for the 3 of  you out there who may have been living under a rock like I have lately. 8 more words

Photo Talk

would you

would you hear my silence, & be able to interpret
would you know my fake laughter from my authentic
would you weep when i weep, & grin when i grin… 119 more words