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John Wick - **

Keanu Reeves is excellent as an expressionless action hero out for revenge once his dog gets killed by the son of a gangster, whom he used to work for as a hitman. 80 more words


Ariel, 1900. José Enrique Rodó.

Rodó nace el 15 de Julio de 1871 en Montevideo, la capital de Uruguay, y fallece a las 10:15 el 1ro de mayo de 1917 en Palermo, Italia. 236 more words


The XX

I find the digipak for The XX’s album very simplistic, yet engaging and exciting. The simplicity of the colour scheme (black and white) creates a bold and eye catching image, which the audience will remember and recognise. 399 more words


was i a dog to you

was i a dog to you, for you to whisper secrets to
no, i was less, an ear for you to confess to
was i a dog by your table to hand the scraps to ’til you were filled… 138 more words


lined shells

Almost fell asleep in the warm water
anti-stress relief
waiting for me
like a stone
lined shells on my shore
as I bury my head… 192 more words


True Blood Season 4 - **

Last time I finished a season of True Blood was three years ago. The vampires/werewolves/shapeshifter soap nonsense just didn’t do it for me anymore. But hey, the BluRay Season 4 box was at sale for 5 euro, so I gave it another shot. 252 more words