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Thinking about "what ifs"

What if I told him I loved him, despite not having seen him in two years?

What if he loved me back? What if he didn’t? 159 more words

LaFerrari XX

When the LaFerrari went into production, and was unveiled, the least that was said about it, is that it was the Scarlett Johansson of cars, it is sexy, eye appealing, and powerful, with 960 bhp produced from its two engines. 240 more words


Angels - The Xx

Love this song, love the lyrics; wish I could write that good. Anyway, give it a listen if you wish.

Light reflects from your shadow… 61 more words


Women With XY Chromosomes

Credit: Image courtesy of Emory Health Sciences

This is what science is all about!  Figuring out why some women can have  XY chromosomes in stead of the normal XX.  290 more words

Biology 104

The beginning...

The last couple of weeks have been sort of surreal in terms of understanding my definition of “gender” compared to the people around me. I feel like I’ve been a bit more *assertive* in my request to be called T rather than my biological female name (Tara). 1,170 more words

The Y chromosome isn't what makes you a man

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In a report published in the journal Hormones and Behavior and reported on by Science Daily, it was discovered that women born with complete androgen insensitivity, or CAIS, who have a Y chromosome rather than two Xs, react like women with two X chromosomes do when exposed to sexual stimuli. 537 more words