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a better inheritance

you bled from wrists i punctured, as if you intended my salvation
you knew its pain, but you spread my arms as you whispered “beloved son” 185 more words


boy (despite & regardless)

boy, did you think i really gave a damn
tears, blamed on you, even wiped by your hand
boy, you hid in your ribcage as he let me in… 326 more words


tomorrow (twenty-three years after you first opened your eyes)

tomorrow, twenty-three years after you first opened your eyes
three and some after my own were blessed to know their light
two years after you first closed them as our lips pressed together… 37 more words


despite & regardless

do you remember how my lips gently pressed your forehead
or just how i picked you up & laid you down on my bed
do you just remember how we fought, & how each tear dripped… 346 more words



child, i set the beat of the heart in your small chest
the precious green of your eyes wasn’t blind design
fragments of heaven’s garden mixed with innocence… 248 more words



watching you cry when i struggled letting you in made my lips do their best to break the silence
then tears became a part of my cheek & chin, & you just reminisced with him about my sins… 613 more words


Nuovogiorno: "It aint your mama’s O Solo Mio no more"

 Don Teolis, co-founder of Nuovogiorno, says “It aint your mama’s O Solo Mio no more.  Most Americans equate Italian music with the old O Sole Mio and Funiculi Funicula stuff they’ve heard or seen on TV on in the movies. 214 more words

Don Teolis