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Aeropostale recently released their United XXVI line and it is unlike anything I ever expected.

The line was developed by four guys who gained their fame through Vine. 158 more words



you put hell in my chest, as you let your heart grow cold
my cheek was never indifferent to your tears that rolled
your worth never diminished, but how did you decide my own… 72 more words



did you shiver as your heart became cold
did your hands shake like mine do now
you left, but my heart followed the traces in the snow… 323 more words


soften (what's become callused)

i cherish you, but would that be better conveyed by silence than by words
i haven’t been able to stand straight, & my hands are shaking worse… 61 more words


a devil's version

does your hand cast the first stone, or are your eyes the first to take it all in
could you not be bothered by her heart, as if she was made for your sin… 219 more words