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An Inflatable Sailboat for your Yacht (or really, the back of your SUV)

Imagine, being able to fold up and tote, a 10.5 foot sailboat in the back of your SUV.

Sound a little hard to believe? Well. It’s not, thanks to a company called… 253 more words


How to find a perfect Yacht Club

A Yacht Club That is Right for You

While there is no law that says you have to join a yacht club when you get a yacht, there are a number of good reasons to do so. 706 more words


Making the Leap into Yachting

For many people, if you truly love the ocean and can’t get enough of it then yachting is the next step. The great thing about buying a yacht is that if you have enjoyed other forms of boating such as fishing or going on a leisurely cruise, you can do all of those things and more from the deck of your luxury yacht. 602 more words


Taking a Yacht on the Mediterranean

One of the great joys of including yachting in your plans for holiday each year is you can charter a yacht on a new body of water each year and discover the many sights and adventures available to you around the world. 585 more words


What is a Yacht

There may have been a time when you did not know what the term “yachting” meant. In fact, the very definition of what makes a yacht different from other boats often escapes many people. 567 more words


Give Yourself the World for Vacation

The great thing about using the services of charter yacht companies to plan your vacation during the spring and summer is that you really are never limited to one part of the world for where you on your vacation. 598 more words


A Society of Yacht Lovers

If you either have or find yourself developing a genuine fascination and love of not only yachts but the lifestyle of yachting, you are not alone. 671 more words