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within the past five years, there have been many new products introduced on the market shelves to help with dietary restrictions.  some of which have been gluten-free products, and others to help diabetics or those wanting a healthier nutritional plan. 328 more words


The 5 Key Ways That Yacon Syrup Will Help You Lose Weight

Yacon syrup has been receiving mountains of attention and for some very good reasons. Few foods can help dieters and health conscious individuals quite as much as yacon syrup. 441 more words

Yacon Syrup

Why is Yacon Syrup Ideal for Diabetics?

Diabetics have to carefully monitor their blood glucose levels, their diet and activity level to maintain their health. Many diabetics struggle with their weight, which makes controlling their condition even more difficult. 581 more words

Yacon Syrup

Should You Make the Yacon Syrup Switch?

A lot of people are hearing about yacon syrup and are becoming very intrigued. So what is all the fuss about? What are health experts like Dr. 405 more words

Yacon Syrup

The Many Advantages Of Pure Yacon Syrup

Acclaimed to increase metabolisms and support in weight-loss objectives, Pure Yacon Syrup provides amazingly good things about support in a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are looking to shed bodyweight or simply take part in an eating healthily program with raw, all-natural components, why not give it a try? 384 more words

4 Healthy Replacements For Sugar

If you have stopped to read this post, I’m pretty sure you already know that sugar isn’t one of the healthiest foods. Not that we don’t need it, but in order to live a healty life, sugar must be consumed in moderation. 399 more words

Healthy Sugar Alternatives

Yacon Molasses Review - Read this before you start your diet!

Losing weight is such a hard thing to do, sometimes avoiding fatty foods and doing regular exercise is not yet enough. That is why some people who are losing weight do not actually follow the track of losing weight because as they see little results they get more depressed that is why instead of losing the tendency is to still gain weight. 42 more words