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Kurt Cobain: Great artiss?

Kurt Cobain wasn’t the only great artiss to die to young, according to Yahoo! Music:


In Case You Missed It | Alice Boman was the 8th most blogged about artist last week!

ICYMI: Alice Boman was the 8th most blogged about artist last week!

Here’s what they’re saying:

Alice Boman. She’s the girl who can do no wrong. 396 more words


It's a veritable gold mine of goofs

How many goofs can you find in this one sentence on the home page of Yahoo! Music?

I found three: The undercapitalized first word, the hysterically misspelled… 6 more words


Where's that?

Which country is “Orange Country”? I have no idea, no idea at all. Perhaps the writer for Yahoo! Music could enlighten me:

Could it possibly be that The Colourist, from Orange County, know the rockers from Orange Country?


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Arby's, the Riverdance chain

Arby’s has just been named the Riverdance chain by Yahoo! Music:

Riverdance, a theatrical show, is known for the lightning-fast feet of its Irish stepdancers.