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Selena and Justin arrive at AMAs live

What are the chances someone from Yahoo! Music checked this caption before it went live? Uh, none:

Well, at least we know that Selena and Justin arrived at the AMAs live. 7 more words


Eric Hutchinson Concert Review

Eric Hutchinson has got soul, he can groove, and he can put on a great show. He came to the Music Farm on Nov. 9 and it was a rocking time that was recorded for a Yahoo Live music session! 176 more words

If only there were a way ...

In this episode of “If Only There Were a Way to Check Spelling” we see that the writer of headlines for Yahoo! Music can’t figure out how to spell Nickelback. 13 more words


I'll have 'Parts of Speech' for 500, Alex

Is it true that public schools in the U.S. no longer teach grammar and parts of speech? And they haven’t taught those subjects for many years? 75 more words


Spotify: For Taylor Swift, It's About (the Lack of) Compensation

Last Monday, Taylor Swift took her back catalog off Spotify. Two days ago, she discussed that move with Yahoo! Music. She’s just calling it like she — and more than a few other people — see it >>> … 9 more words

You'd be blue, too

Are you a Nickelback fan? Wouldn’t you be blue if you went to a place called House of Blue in a city called Los Angeels to see Nickelback — all because of what you read on Yahoo! 36 more words


Will be today's be the worst

Yes, it is confusing, isn’t it. But here’s something just as confusing on Yahoo! Music:

The writer meant “the pop star will be next year’s main attraction” or “the pop star will be the main attraction.” Or something else. You decide.