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American flighting for ISIL

Apparently an American was flighting (which I think is combat inside a plane) for ISIL, according to the ever-reliable Yahoo! News:


Haitian Amputees' Story of Triumph and Survival to Premiere at Portland Film Festival - Yahoo News

“Unbreakable: A Story of Hope and Healing in Haiti” tells the amazing story of children who not only recovered physically, but also helped recast the perception of the disabled in Haiti — a country that is often considered one of the poorest in the world.”This film shows that when there is the will do so — both in terms of those providing aid and those receiving it — lives can be saved and transformed by a program that is truly sustainable,” said Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson, executive producer of the documentary. 95 more words


Tim Hortons gets something extra

If only there were some way for the Yahoo! News writers to see how to spell Tim Hortons, the Canadian eatery. Like a picture or something. 14 more words