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Alibaba has no interest in buying Yahoo's "SpinCo" stake

SpinCo, the publicly-traded company that Yahoo is creating by spinning off its 15% stake in Alibaba, is probably going to be around for some time—Alibaba executives have absolutely no desire to buy it. 255 more words

Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush: Separated at birth?

Golly, Sen. Lindsey Graham sure looks like Jeb Bush in this photo on Yahoo! News:

They could be twins! They look so much alike that I thought that was a picture of Gov. 18 more words


Wordpress is its own game [My stats breakdown after one month]

I started using WordPress to archive reviews at the end of December (2014). Below, you can see a steady progression in stats. It goes up, but then apparently peaks in terms of views at least in the fourth month. 753 more words


This has seriously negative effects on readers

Using the wrong word can have negative effects on readers. Just consider how this misused word on yahoo.com affects your opinion of the site:


Ali-blah-blah Earnings; Hershey's Beefing Up; No Stopping Facebook

Who would have thunk it?

Powerhouse stock Alibaba, with its record-breaking $25 billion IPO, took a nasty beating today as it announced earnings that were less than impressive. 518 more words