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Cross-dressing (Deut 22:5-22:5)

“A woman shall not wear a man’s apparel. Nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment. Whoever does such things is an abomination to Yahweh your God.” … 9 more words

Hanging (Deut 21:22-21:23)

“When someone is convicted of a crime punishable by death and is executed, you hang him on a tree. His body must not remain all night upon the tree. 76 more words

Captive women as wives (Deut 21:10-21:14)

“As you go out to war against your enemies, Yahweh your God hands them over to you. You take them captive. Suppose you see among the captives a beautiful woman, whom you desire and want to marry. 178 more words

Unknown murderer (Deut 21:1-21:9)

“If in the land that Yahweh your God is giving you to possess, a body is found lying in open country. If it is not known who struck the person down and killed him, then your elders and your judges shall come out to measure the distance to the towns that are near the body. 296 more words


I’ve always Lived A Well Righteous Life, while bickering(so they Said/Act)  About the Problems I see around me ever since I was a child. My early writings and Poetry speaks loudly for me and thus I’m justified not by words alone, but also by the “LORD of Host”; for my heart’s work in the past cry for me daily. 648 more words