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Universal Rent Control Coming to Israel

Swedish lefty economist Assar Lindbeck once said back in 1972,

“In many cases rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city—except for bombing.”

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SHOCKER Finance Minister Yair Lapid is a Corrupt Playboy

Who would have guessed that the Minister of Male Grooming Yair Lapid is a corrupt spendthrift little pisher.

According to an investigation by Ynet, he took a trip to the US in October 2013 that cost, somehow, 54,000 NIS. 331 more words

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'In Which Unidentified U.S. Officials'

Israeli Leader Responds to Harsh US Criticism

Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks to parliament followed a report in The Atlantic this week in which unidentified U.S. officials lambasted the Israeli premier for his settlement policies and for undermining American peace efforts… 536 more words

Heidis, Milkies and Amalekites

It is no secret. I am not settled here. I need a change. I was originally thinking Cork (I bottled it). Now on the radar is Berlin. 1,416 more words

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