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Eye Contact in Cereal Aisle Influence Your Purchase

Consumers are 16 percent more likely to trust a brand of cereal when the characters on the boxes on the supermarket shelves look them straight in the eye. 575 more words

Bronze Sculptures During the Chola Period

Written by Nicholle Lamartina ~

“The Yale University Art Gallery is an institution for the public, offering the great opportunity for everybody to examine these items; but within this setting we inevitably cannot gain a real understanding of how worshippers interacted with these bronze deities.”

Nicholle Lamartina


— “distribution and conservation of global evolutionary distinctness in birds”, published on Thursday in the journal; Current Biology found that species representing the most evolutionary history over the smallest area as well as some of the most threatened distinct species are often found far from places that are species-rich or already on the conservation radar.” 223 more words


April 18, 2005

Members of Columbia’s Graduate Student Employees United and Yale’s Graduate Student Employees and Students Organization begin a five-day strike for union recognition. It was the first multi-university strike by Ivy League graduate students.

Labor History

Scientists May Have Found A Way To Diminish Effects Of Stress Completely

Stress can trigger depression but it wasn’t known how. A new study at the University of Yale has found the gene that plays role in this mechanism.  211 more words


Obedience to authority experiments

Mar 25, 2011

“The state produced in the laboratory may be likened to a light doze, compared to the profound slumber induced by the preponent authority system of a national government.” -Stanley Milgram… 337 more words