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Becoming Pluripotent - (word for the day)

Get Passionate. Raise that Momentum.  What you can become is limitless. Momentum is the ruling force, even when looking microscopically at our own cells.

Here is some exciting ground-breaking Science.   475 more words

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10 Words in Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Decoded

via 10 Words in Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Decoded.

By Megan Gannon, News Editor   |   February 20, 2014

A researcher claims he’s decoded 10 possible words in the famously unreadable Voynich manuscript, which has eluded interpretation for a century.

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The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan

The Opposite of Loneliness… Some books are like a diary. Every page is a little intrusion into the live of the author, that bares his soul before you, and thus – in some inexplicable way – touches your own. 497 more words


Vita et Veritas: 2nd Annual Pro-Life Conference at Yale

Vita et Veritas: Promoting a Culture of Life and Truth held their 2nd annual Pro-Life Conference at Yale on September 19-20, 2014.

“Vita et Veritas” aims to make the pro-life vision intelligible on college campuses. 151 more words

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Heck, my right hand never knows what my left hand is doing...

This Grape is of the vintage that as a youth when I would pick up a crayola with my left hand to draw or color a picture everyone including teachers would say no Rob you need to use your right hand. 796 more words

Nutritional supplement offers promise in treatment of unique form of autism

07 SEP 2012

In mice, added amino acid reduced associated epilepsy, eased neurobehavioral symptom

An international team of researchers, led by scientists at the University of California, San Diego and Yale University schools of medicine, have identified a form of autism with epilepsy that may potentially be treatable with a common nutritional supplement. 677 more words

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