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You Guys or Y'all?

Okay, you guys, I’ve got a little more written… are you ready? —Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

To me it seems as if plural you is a little bit lost these days. 703 more words

Usage Features

Too Faced - Country Girl Swatches & Review!

Man, can you tell I’m a sucker for Too Faced products? This the second installment of our Eyes on Me! week. If you missed the firs post about the… 366 more words


Conceptualizing Groupies, Bad Boys, Wonderbread and Water Sports.

In theory, I am writing a chapter proposal on Bad Girls this weekend. Whether or not this will come to fruition is a question that will best be answered on Monday. 1,335 more words

Everything Is Academic

"There's something in your eyes, a part of me that I recognize..."

Well, it must be getting on toward September, since I find myself wanting to write. Though, I admit, I haven’t the slightest idea what exactly it is I want to write about.  819 more words

Music Is Everything

Oblig Introductory Post

Howdy, etc.

Some folks asked if I’d start a blog (a public one, rather) (and by some folks, I mean, like, two people) and I said, “Yeah, sure.”  Even though I was only mildly appeasing them, it actually might be nice. 119 more words