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[SNS] 140408 Yoseob’s twitter update

140408 Yoseob’s twitter update

Thanks to all the fans, I’ve become a man with the upper hand… Thank you, reallyㅜㅜㅜㅜIt’s really deliciousㅜㅜㅜㅜ

Yang Yoseob

[INTERVIEW] 140408 Vixx’s Leo mentions Yoseob in an interview

140408 Vixx’s Leo mentions Yoseob in an interview

Q. Yang Yoseob is a sunbae in musicals but because he’s also from an idol group there must have been a feeling of closeness. 100 more words

Yang Yoseob

[SNS] 140407 Yoseob’s Tweet

140407 Yoseob’s Tweet

We do our best when in our own places and when we gather together the synergy effect, for that ascending energy! Carving the thought that this is not simply my own schedule into my head today I head to the theatre full of fighting (spirit)!!! 24 more words

Yang Yoseob

A Secret Lover

Title: A Secret Lover

Author:  riereichan

Main Cast:  Yong Jun Hyung BEAST, OC, Yang Yo Seob BEAST

Genre: Romance, AU, School-Life, Hurt/Comfort 

Length: Drabble

Rating: G… 272 more words

School Life