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Culture Shock: Myanmar

My knowledge and experience of Southeast Asia gave me a certain confidence of not getting any form of culture shock when travelling to its countries. Highly conservative people of Brunei, monks walking everywhere in Cambodia, vibrant red light districts of Thailand… none of them has ever triggered my “oh-wow-this-is-different” sense! 742 more words



“In his young days was suckled by women, who stood in a long row outside his palace… Every day he is bathed with scented sandal water, and all his vessels and utensils are made of gold. 176 more words

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A Guide to Myanmar, the Last Uncharted Frontier

Cool news to report: My latest blog post on Myanmar got picked up by Conde Nast Traveler. I’ve posted an excerpt here, please check out the live article for the rest of the story. 659 more words

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#MYANMAR #BURMA #RIP အဆိုေတာ္ မီစႏီၵ တင္ထားတဲ့ ေမာ္ဒယ္ေလးရဲ့အေၾကာင္းပါ တကယ္စိတ္မေကာင္းစရာပါ..

ေအးခ်မ္းျမတ္မုိးကုိ တဖက္သတ္ခ်စ္ႀကိဳက္ေနခဲ့တဲ့ ကုိအံ့ၿဖိဳးပိုင္ ဆိုသူက ဒုတိယထပ္
ေလွကားမွာႀကိဳတင္ေစာင့္ဆုိင္းၿပီး မေအးခ်မ္းျမတ္မိုးရဲ႕ လည္ပင္းကို ဓားနဲ႔ထိုးခဲ့။

ႀသဂုတ္လ (၂၆)ရက္ေန ့ည(၇)နာရီခန္ ့က ရန္ကုန္တုိင္း ေဒသၾကီး ဒဂုံျမဳိ ့နယ္ ဦး၀ိစာရ အိမ္ရာမွာ ေအးခ်မ္းျမတ္မုိးကုိ တဖက္သတ္ခ်စ္ႀကိဳက္ေနခဲ့တဲ့ ကုိအံ့ၿဖိဳးပိုင္ ဆိုသူက
ဒုတိယထပ္ေလွကားမွာႀကိဳတင္ေစာင့္ဆုိင္းၿပီး မေအးခ်မ္းျမတ္မိုးရဲ႕ လည္ပင္းကို ဓားနဲ႔ထိုးခဲ့သတင္းရရိွုပါတယ္။


Land of the Pagoda - Burma

Once I had set eyes on the scenery and met some people I instantly fell in love with Myanmar. It was like going back to India, this time with a bit more travel experience and a desire to learn a little more about this militantly run country. 1,018 more words


So many hopes

The insane guesthouse situation in Burma means only dorm beds are affordable, and it means sharing with too many people – but at the moment I actually sort of enjoy being forced to interact with people for a few hours at a time. 455 more words