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Be Inspired - Edinburgh delights

I recently spent a lovely week at my parents’ in Edinburgh prior to The Big Move. It was great to be there but time passed very quickly. 561 more words


I always knew there had to be an explanation ...


A recent study has indicated that yarns give off certain pheromones that hypnotize women and cause them to purchase ungodly amounts of yarn. When stored in large quantities in enclosed spaces, the pheromones in the yarn causes memory loss and induce the gathering syndrome, similar to the one squirrels have before the onset of winter. 178 more words


Another project...

Oh man, try to keep up with me here! I swear,I start a new project every morning. Pretty soon I’ll have so many started projects that I will… 111 more words


Yippee, Cool Ideas and Things

I finally FINALLY finished joining the spiral motifs! YIPPEEEEE….! I sewed in about a million ends and finished it off with a pretty border.

Pretty <3… 163 more words


Colours, Dyeing and Things

I attended my first crafty workshop on Saturday. It was a dyeing workshop which was to include yarn and fabric but I just brought yarn. Yarn, yarn and more yarn. 190 more words


How to dye yarn with Kool-Aid Lesson Two A tutorial

Your yarn is ready right?  All soaked through, shouldn’t be any dry spots.

The next step is to heat some water.  For this skein ( which was only 50 gms of wool) I just filled my tea kettle and heated it to just below a boil.   523 more words


Saturday Snippets | October 18, 2014

Welcome to Saturday Snippets.  This is where I share links and odd bits of info from the past week.

1.  As an unabashed dog lover, I have a difficult time watching movies or TV shows where there’s a possibility of a dog getting hurt or dying.  586 more words