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Yarn Along 2014: Week 16

Late again.  I used to be much better about this.  I should probably take a picture on Tuesday (I often think of it then) which would allow me to just write on Wednesday.  182 more words


Yarn Along 2014: Week 15

Hey everyone.  I’ve been reading more lately because I’ve been trying to read rather than fool around on my smartphone at bedtime.  I need to find a booklight (we have several) so that I can use that with my Nook.  245 more words


Yarn Along 2014: Week 14

Hey look!  A Yarn Along post that’s going up during the day on Wednesday.  Boggles the mind, honestly, doesn’t it?  I got in some weird housekeeping groove earlier today and decided I was entitled to a long break before starting again. 267 more words


Yarn Along 2014: Week 13

I’m way behind, but I’m determined to not miss a week.

I’m reading Faithful Place by Tana French.  When I took this picture, back on Wednesday, I had just started a baby hat for a neighbor.  52 more words

Yarn Along 2014: Week 12

Oh here we are again.  I lead you on with promises of stories of my lovely week off.  Instead, it’s been radio silence until Wednesday again.  207 more words


Knitting Discipline

Last week I laid out my plan to get my startosis problem under control – and hopefully to start to see some progress on my projects and get some finished objects to show off soon. 315 more words

Yarn Along

Yarn Along 2014: Week 10

I’m behind this week, and there are loads of other things I want to blog about, but before I forget, I wanted to get the… 87 more words