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Four seasons in one month... almost!

Temperature and weather is a curious thing here. On our second day in Yaroslavl’ it was warm enough outside to wear shorts and explore the city in the warmth of a late summer sun. 454 more words


Hockey time.

Russia is now visibly in the throes of late Autumn. The golden leaves that adorned the tree-lined boulevards two weeks ago now lie like a jigsaw on the paths below; temperatures have begun to flirt with minus numbers; and leaving home without at least four layers is unheard of. 521 more words


St Theodore the Prince of Smolensk and Yaroslav

Commemorated on September 19/October 2

The holy right-believing Prince Theodore of Smolensk and Yaroslavl, nicknamed the “Black” , was born at a terrible time for Rus: the Mongol invasion of 1237-1239. 2,039 more words


Not mushroom for error.

Much has happened since my last update (apologies for the delay!), but I’ll try and keep my musings as short as possible.

Sunday dawned with the promise of a trip into the nearby forest in search of mushrooms. 592 more words


Beginning of a long love affair with Russian vodka.

Last night saw us find out the hard the way the dangers of Russia’s incredibly cheap drink prices.

After a long week of settling in, we resolved to head to some of Yaroslavl’s finest bars and celebrate in good company with some typically Russian beverages. 206 more words


Only Shinnik, Only Victory.

Four days in, still absolutely loving it. The first portend of the Russian winter hit us today, and had me scrambling for layers in a bid to stave off the cold! 448 more words


The commute.

Its a bit shaky at times, but this is my 15 minute walk from the house to the university condensed into about two and a half. Enjoy!