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A Letter to Maddie Yates

Dear Maddie Yates,

I can’t stop thinking about you. 

I’m desperately trying to understand your decision to take your own life. I just see you and me at the edge of the burning building. 470 more words

Lateral Communication and the Social Media Platform Hootsuite

Top-down management structures first proliferated in the United States during the railway era, as barons struggled to maintain control of their sprawling new empires. The easiest way to govern hundreds of thousands of miles of railroad, they discovered, was to erect a chain of command, which extended from the central offices in New York and Chicago to the field offices of the new frontier JoAnne Yates explains in… 493 more words


Time Dilation

To the outside observer:

I recall a platitude forced upon me when I was young by an idol long since crumbled to dust: live in the moment. 92 more words


Stephen Wright and John Yates.

Who is behind the Goggzilla expose of corruption at New Scotland Yard? I never hid my real name, so the female colleague of Stephen Wright is no further on. 86 more words

The village pond.

Looking back it seems we all experienced the local pond in some form or other, whether it was a village pond or a lake in a park. 468 more words


Richard Yates

“So it hadn’t been wrong or dishonest of her to say no this morning, when he asked if she hated him, any more than it had been wrong or dishonest to serve him the elaborate breakfast and to show the elaborate interest in his work, and to kiss him goodbye.

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Yates is situated at the top of North Hill in Head St. in town. It is open every day, serving food and drink during the day with wi-fi and televisions showing sports, it then transforms into a club at night. 318 more words