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Tour de France - Rest Day Roundup 2

When I was a kid watching the Tour de France in the late Eighties, my rider allegiances often switched with whichever was my favourite jersey design. 1,508 more words


Kauai's Kirby Yates earns first career MLB save

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — It wasn’t always pretty, but considering the position they’ve put themselves in this year, the Tampa Bay Rays can’t be too picky. 729 more words


Amin Jaffer Selects Histoire de la Premiere Guerre Punique

Histoire de la Premiere Guerre Punique
(A History of the First Punic Wars)
By Leonardo Bruni
Paris, c. 1450
With rich illuminations including the
Carthaginians riding elephants. 178 more words


Summertime Sangria By Sarah Yates by Interior Design Blog

by Jake July 16, 2014

Sangria need to taste like a pitcher of mediterranean sunshine. But far also typically, it’s more like somebody mixed a liter of sugary soda with some cheap red wine. 37 more words

Legend of the Flying Tomato

Once a victim of bullying, Frida finds a hero in the legendary luchador El Pirana. However she finds herself at her lowest once more when she’s ridiculed during the biggest wrestling match of her life. 43 more words


Backyard Patio Makeover By Sarah Yates by Interior Design Blog

by Jake July 1, 2014

Obtaining “too considerably outside space” isn’t a issue here in NYC. It is a fantasy. But if you have a backyard patio that feels awkwardly empty and impersonal, than you can relate to the idea. 34 more words

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