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"So the pound has dropped and the children are creating..."

There are two people in the world that I will actually listen to before making any decisions. This doesn’t mean I will follow their recommendations, but I will listen. 870 more words


Nighttime Update!

Woot! I finally made a twitter for Books and Palettes :-D

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7/23/14 part 2

Yay appartment business is done we even got a bit of our deposit back so we went to Starbucks

I was a bit thirsty angi not so much they should really have tea refills at Starbucks so now its time to drive back home and go tool shopping yay

!Lol oh my honey!


Catchy title here

This is where I talk a lot and hope someone spends the time to read it.

I was commenting on Rachel Carrera’s blog, and we got to talking about homeschooling. (I also was talking about it with pinkdoughnuts15, too.

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Galactic glee

Yesterday I made my annual trip to the post office.

Actually, I don’t even make the trip annually if I can help it. I hate the post office with the fire of a thousand suns. 606 more words

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