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NAN - 11EN2 - Due Monday 24th

Write an article for a magazine for teenagers, giving your views on one modern invention that you think has changed people’s lives. (48)

In your article, you may wish to include: 47 more words

Year 11

Mr Dettman - 11En3 - iGCSE Exam Practice - Directed Writing

Due Monday, 24th November

11En3, as part of your iGCSE Mock prep, please complete the following piece of directed writing:

Letter Writing

Answers must be written on A4 paper – minimum, 69 more words

Year 11

Year 11 - Mr Bakewell's Home Learning

Hi All. Good work today. Please write up your answer to your question (c) on Of Mice and Men, ensuring you have shown your understanding of the CONTEXT (1937 California, the American Dream). 12 more words

Year 11

Mr Dettman - 11En1 - Section C: Past Paper Question

Due: Wednesday, 26th November (hand in to Mr Bakewell or to me)

Past Paper Question #2  - To be answered on A4 paper (minimum, one and a half sides) 177 more words

Year 11

Mr Legowski's Yr 11 Exam Preparation homework - due Friday 21 November

You will sit your mock English Language exam tomorrow (Thursday) and I am sure you will already have started your revision for it. I would like you answer the following question honestly and in some detail: … 69 more words

Year 11