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NAN - 11EN2 - The Drum - Due Monday 1st

Find ‘The Drum’ by John Scott and annotate it.

D – Clearly annotate the poetic devices

C – Annotate and explain the importance/impact of the poetic devices

Year 11

2014 Media Department Wrap Up

What an awesome year 2014 has been for KDHS’s Media Department! This year our media students created 52 productions!  In addition to Years 7 -1 2, the primary PEAC Year 5/6 class also contributed some excellent work.  146 more words

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Binomial distribution

Year 11 – the slides from our lesson today on the Binomial Distribution are here.

Additional Maths

Of Mice and Men #4 (Mr Legowski's class)

Read chapter four again and answer this question:

What words and phrases does Steinbeck use to show us the viciousness of Curley’s wife’s attack on Crooks? 10 more words

Year 11

The IGCSE Language Exam (Reading)

The mock of the CIE IGCSE (0522) in English Language reading paper is fast approaching. Please do not panic, as you will be thoroughly prepared to succeed in this exam, due to the inspirational teaching of the English department and the countless hours of revision you have completed! 1,419 more words

Year 11