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Ready For Challenges

School has now started for over 2 weeks. Second year is definitely more challenging and fast paced than first year. No longer are we getting poster making sessions or ice breaker type activities, rather, we were immediately thrown into lengthy lectures and challenging labs and tutorials. 287 more words

Year 2

Year 2, 3 and 4 “Mini” Assembly

Congratulations to the above students from Years 2, 3 and 4 who received this morning at their “mini” assembly, certificates for excellent book work as well as certificates in recognition of this fortnights behaviour expectation of I am Respectful by Using Encouraging, Polite and Kind Words. 28 more words

Year 3

Creature things. There is this awesome blog on tumblr, full of awesome stuff and awesome styles. There goes half of my life, hullooo!

(Reference – Inspiration – Sketchbook)


More Home Learning

I am so impressed with all the brilliant learning the children are doing at home.  As well as this lovely work I saw today we also gave out lots of Hazel Wood pencils to the children who wrote and posted post cards to school to show what they had been doing in the holiday.   6 more words

Playground Buddies

Here are our new Playground Buddies.  They are ready to help anyone who wants to find a friend or start a new game.  They also check everyone is being kind, sensible and being safe.   31 more words

Exposure triangle (including leading lines, symmetry and rule of thirds)


The exposure triangle consists of three different settings:-

.Shutter Speed



These settings are slightly different in film, compared to photography. But for the most part they work the same way. 1,015 more words

Year 2

Year 2 having fun.

We  went  for  an Autumn  walk  with  Forest  Schools  and  we  found  lots  of  interesting things.

Getting  those passwords  right  is  a  bit  of  a  challenge!

WOW!   What  a  Robot !

Year 2