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So how do we get there?

Search any Peace Corp volunteer’s blog and you’re sure to find at least one comment about the horrors of public transportation. The most common form of public is a mini bus, called a ‘kombi’. 1,041 more words

Year #2!

Furnishing the Home.

When we moved into our home, we didn’t really have much in the way of furnishings. Most of what we owned was borrowed with a few items given to us as a sort of house-warming. 979 more words

General Living

Eagle Valley BaCC Spring 2: Toyonaga

At the end of last season, a lullaby was heard.  This season began by letting me know exactly who heard that lullaby.

Christy took care of beginning Marcus’ toddler training. 877 more words

Eagle Valley

Eagle Valley BaCC Spring 2: Beauregarde

The season started with a party and some very interesting canoodling.  I obviously need to check the jealousy section of ACR.  I think I have it set to engagement, and since Talia and Michelle aren’t engaged, Michelle didn’t seem to mind this. 331 more words

Eagle Valley

Eagle Valley BaCC Spring 2: DaVinci

I am Talia DaVinci!  Famous artiste!

This is Michelle Tse, the world famous artiste’s favorite muse and source of inspiration.

Perhaps… too much inspiration has been happening? 659 more words

Eagle Valley