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Fellow EDC3100ers....could I please have your feedback? :)

I am just reaching out to fellow EDC3100 students to make sure I am on the right track.  I would be ever so grateful to receive some feedback for Assignment 2. 230 more words


Back to school

28th August 2014 – 4 days until school starts!

My first post on my dedicated school blog. Not much to write as of yet as I’m just busy finalising my plans and making sure I can get hold of all of the resources I might need for the next term. 145 more words


Bears 100 Club!

Congratulations to the following students who have made it to the Bears 100 Club!

Molly Dietrich, Bessie Cox, Gilbert Cox, Hamish Miners, Samantha Smith, David Nelson – Palmer, Molly Coltman, Jack Warmington, Malcom Slaven, William Cottle, Chelsea Roddy, Jaxon Durrans, Oliver Lynch, Jessica Buck, Ryu-Kai Preston, Xavier Kerr, Dustin Bullock, Tobi Withey, Ellie Spackman, Jade Warmington, Charlotte Mason, Cody Page, Ranura Jayakody, Ella Withey, Taliyah Law, Matilda Simpson, Riley Anders, Holly Ford, Hope Rawson, Brayden Jolly, Beau Mclean, Hayley Finger, Oriana Morgan, Clare Davey, Alison Smith, Temperance McChesney, Jared Storey, Kassariah Cox, Jimmy Fletcher, Kyla Slingsby, Macy Bohn, James Anderson, Nela Honova, Abigail Nelson Palmer, Gabby Dobson, Bella Bolto, Fennella Brandy, Anton Mazzella, Caitlin Dobson, Hayley Goldup, Chloe Allister, Roxy Rohn, Stephanie Okwanma, Jade Clarke, Taj Morgan, Jack Friel and Maria Cox.

Kununurra District High School

Peer preaching

The preaching course, which had run on and off over the last two years also came to a close near the end of year 2 with a Peer Preaching session and reflective write up (just 1,500 words this time). 191 more words

Lay Reader

The Plan for Year Two

This list will be much smaller than last year’s but no less exhausting, I’m sure!

The Entryway

  • reattach the baseboards around the door.  They need to be cut down to accommodate the trim around the front door.
  • 407 more words

Croze: Summer Again

Welcome back to our official restart..sort of.

Slarian’s Notes to PT 666.

Slarian:  Where are we?
PT 666:  I am unsure, but I will find out.  1,117 more words

Sims 2

Weekend of 8/22

Well, this week passed by quickly. Was I really in the US just a week before? Seriously mind blowing how crazy time flies by. While most of my friends are beginning the new semester of a renewed contract, I’m sitting at home, recovering from the weekend. 155 more words