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This is my final submission for this project.

I think I could have improved the video by having the type do something like move into shot or fade in and out etc. 55 more words

Year 2

Singing for our friends

Thank you to our friends at Tendring Rest Home for allowing the choir to come and sing some Christmas carols and songs this morning. They enjoyed a lovely reception and were delighted when they had to sing an ‘encore’.

Yr 1 & 2 Christmas Party 2014

As the party season is now upon us it was Year 1 and 2 that enjoyed a day of festive fun, dancing, eating and merriment. 16 more words


High Fidelity Run Through

This video shows the layout and navigation through the app.

Mobile Apps Progress

E4: Illustration Poster

I wanted my E4 poster to be memorable with the catchy pun as well as using the appropriate visual designs for my poster. Since I decided that my work will be based on a ‘Door to E4′, I researched and found that the inspiration that would be suitable is the Monster Inc, door animation in the introduction of the movie.

Year 2

Visual Map: Creative Industries

For this lesson, we had to form groups and discuss the potential opportunities after we have graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. We started with a simple mindmap, which slowly formed into an informative brainstorm which contained the following about all the potential Jobs, Placements, Internships and Apprenticeships in which we could apply for. 66 more words

Year 2