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20140104: Counting Stars. seriously

Took this shot during the first days of the years. No we did not count the stars that night. I was busy counting the blessings we had since we were together :) Hope this kind of night happens again.

Project 365

Tutamkhamen and Subtracting

I have just completed my learning log with 8 facts about Tutankhamen and some Maths. Read more here.


Learning Log

20140102. FEATURED

I am featured among the 27 young local visual artists of Bacolod + a theatrical play in Hubin Magazine, a Bacolod-based art+music+lifestyle+culture webzine

here’s a copy: 12 more words

Project 365

A Kenning for my eagle

He’s a…

wing -flapper









Readers' Writing

A kenning for my queen.

She’s a..

Crown wearer

A gloved waver

Party goer

Cake nibbler

Tea sipper

Carriage raider

by Kamila

Readers' Writing

A kenning for my dog

A postman Barker

 toy sloberer

stick fetched

garden digger

meat eater

cat chaser

paw licker

a nose sniffer

By David

Readers' Writing