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Year 4 at Borwick Hall

Year 4 go on a QUEST at Borwick Hall

Hayhurst class have had an amazing day out at Borwick Hall and we wanted to share some pictures with you of all the brilliant activities we did. 36 more words

Sport & P.E.

Everyone Sang by Siegfried Sassoon

This is a well-known poem by Siegfried Sassoon, written shortly after the signing of the Armistice in 1918.

Everyone suddenly burst out singing;
And I was filled with such delight… 303 more words

Year 5

Year 4 Learn to use Bunsen burners

Year 4 are learning how to work safely with  Bunsen burners. Here they are all protected with their goggles and lab coats and fixing their thermometers safely in clamps. 47 more words

In Art Club this week (WB 19/01/15)

We’ve been studying the work and techniques of some well-known artists. This week it was the turn of Jackson Pollock. His ‘dripping’ technique (applying the paint in a less than conventional style) was LOADS of fun! 51 more words

The Arts

In Year 3/4 this week (WB 19/01/15)

We’ve started writing our own versions of myths in Literacy, been investigating pulse rate in Science and we’ve been studying lantern fish during enrichment time. We’ve been busy in maths this week too, setting up shop and becoming retailers and consumers: using catalogues to choose several items, find totals, pay with notes and receive change in coins. 197 more words

The Arts

Tackling loneliness: poems and songs you could use

I often use song lyrics in poetry lessons. Usually I would examine the text first and only play the song to the children at the end of the lesson. 472 more words

Year 5

Clay using the kiln

We have created, glazed and fired our own clay tiles around the theme of water! They look absolutely wonderful.

Year 4