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Mr Legowski's Year 9 Christmas homework - due Tuesday 6 January

Please read the following short stories and write a review of them (either 3 x 100 words approx. or a combined, comparative review of the three together) in the comments box below. 56 more words

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Year 9 - MBA

Your Home Learning is simple – finish the Woman in Black and do the AR quiz and then write a review for the blog – would it be a good book if you didn’t have to study it for English. 41 more words

Year 9

Peer learning

The last lesson of the term for year 9 saw peer learning at its best. There was a crash course in bass guitar taking place in the Humanities room which the students also filmed so that our fledgling bass player could go through the lessons himself during the Christmas holiday. 31 more words


Mr Legowski's Yr 9 River God homework - due Thursday 18 December

Either draw a word-picture* of the river god using words and lines from the poem and from your own observations.

*Your word-picture (for want of a better description) will take inspiration from the Sky Audio Description video we watched in our lesson, though yours will be even better! 17 more words

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NAN - 093 - Book Review - Due January 6th

Over the Christmas holidays you should be reading, I know I will be.

You must write a book review; on the reading blog or in your home learning book. 48 more words

Year 9

Woman in Black - Denouement

What has the writer set up as the expectations for the ending of the book? What do we expect to happen? How has the writer structured the book to allow the reader to second-guess the ending? 77 more words

Year 9