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D.I.Y Aleatory scores

Having had a go at interpreting a real life aleatory score Year 9 constructed their own graphic scores using symbols, shapes and colour to indicate pitch, texture, dynamics and of course, to build in the element of chance and choice which is part and parcel of Aleatory music. 116 more words


MBA Year 9 The Woman in Black

Practice for the exam! Starting with page 38, how does Hill present the character of Arthur Kipps in the novel.
5 paragraphs please.
A* grade – a convincing critical analysis… 12 more words

Year 9

Camera Angles - Miss Anslow H/L

Complete the sheet on zooming in.

All – complete the task at the top of each picture
Most – include some of recommendations
Some – complete all of the recommendations

Year 9

The Woman in Black for MBA

Due: Monday 29 September

Finish the chapter and then choose a quotation that describes London and find (or draw) an image that describes the scene. Write a brief piece about the effect of the description to go on the wall. 55 more words

Year 9

Yr 9 Themes in Of Mice and Men homework - due Monday 29 September

Your group was given a theme from Of Mice and Men to research. Following on from this, your homework is to carry out research using websites such as Sparknotes and Shmoop, among others, and take notes on how your theme is explored in the novel. 37 more words

Of Mice And Men

Year 9 H/L Miss Anslow due Monday

Create a monologue for a gothic character from a film or a book.
This should be at least a page.

D – include gestures, actions, movements and tone of voice… 8 more words

Year 9