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Using your materials to study

  • What you can do using the book:

In order to practice theĀ  Simple Future, do ex. 1 and 2 on p. 37

To practice the Future with… 74 more words

High School Swimming Carnival.

A hot fine day enabled substantial participation by Kununurra District High School students on Wednesday 2nd April at the leisure centre. A rotation style carnival was the order of the day which enabled a range of activities to be run both in and out of the pool to cater for all students interests. 170 more words

Kununurra Secondary School


A group of Year 9 Nova Hreod Academy students were invited to New College on 1 April 2014. On arrival, we went straight into their theatre to see Dr Jonathan Hare present his Hollywood Science Show. 287 more words


Year 9 Monday April 7: More on Food Guides and Nutrients

Hi Year 9;

Here is a run down of today’s lesson. I’ve attached the sheets you will be working on today and have provided links to the websites you will need just in case. 142 more words

Year 9

Play a game

Then, you played a game to choose the best connective for each sentence. Do you want to play it again?


After working with the future tenses, we started reviewing connectives. Remember this video?

Present Continuous as Future

Then, we looked at another way to express the future: using the Present Continuous to talk about arrangements. Look at this prezi :