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Holiday for one? – why not!

Sound lonely to you? Booking a trip away for just yourself, might not sound like that much fun but actually it can be amazing! I am not talking about backpacking alone or disappearing off to work as an Aupair or as an intern (been there done that duhh!), I am talking about a proper holiday – A time you expect to be with friends and family relaxing by the poolside, not on your tod with just your i-pod. 523 more words

Year Abroad

Mexico Bound

With every questionable hipster travel essential I purchase (bum bag, New Balance trainers, etc) it becomes ever more apparent that, yes, I am in fact moving away for a year. 356 more words


August Update and My Summer Highlights

It’s been over a month since my last blog post and so much has happened. I see my ‘Year Abroad countdown’ and it now says it is only ‘4 days’ and not ‘1 month!’ 943 more words



Tomorrow. One day. O-N-E D-A-Y. WHAT!?

Yep, that’s right, I leave for my year abroad in France tomorrow, and I still am in the process of packing and tidying and making checklists and returning stupid student finance forms and procrastinating and… tomorrow!!!!! 216 more words


Not much has happened.

Day 145. 10.09pm. It’s dark now. The overall weather has been fair. By fair I mean lovely and sunny sometimes, dull some days, but sometimes ferocious outbreaks of rain, finished off with some lightening today. 691 more words



Packed and ready to go! Been a very long couple of days chasing up paperwork, trying to fit everything into one bag, then realising it was 9 kg overweight after having played tetris for 2 hours with my belongings … But finally managed to get (hopefully) everything required for the next 4ish months into 1 bag and 1 rucksack. 108 more words

Fuimos a Pucón...

Today I’m going to be telling you all about my weekend away in Pucón! Friday was a public holiday for the Assumption of Mary (celebrated by Catholics), so everyone had the day off uni. 588 more words