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Looks Like I'm Not the Only One Saying "Yes"...

I hit a mini snag when trying topurchase http://www.yearofyes.com. And http://www.theyearofyes.com. It turns out I’m not the only one intrigued by the idea of a Year of Yes. 643 more words

Year Of Yes

Twelfth Night + Twelfth Night = Twenty-fourth Night?

I’m kind of a Shakespeare nerd. Like, a really big Shakespeare nerd. I like to blame it on Mr. Morris, my ninth-grade English teacher. It was because of him that I learned about Shakespeare’s use of allusion (primarily to the Bible and Greek mythology), because of him that I wrote a paper on the meaning of the flowers in Ophelia’s bouquet, because of him that I know that when you re-arrange the letters in Caliban’s name you get the word “Canibal.” (Minus one n. 694 more words

Year Of Yes