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The Bathroom Now

This bathroom was bad when I moved in:

and then got worse:

and then started to get better:

(see that here)

and now it looks like this:



The Living Room (Part II)

See Part I here.

Do you remember what this place looked like (almost) a year ago??

Man I miss those colors!

Just kidding, they were awful! 141 more words


Movin' On Up

Remember my cutting options at the beginning of this month?  No more hand saw for me!

Look what my dad taught me to use today! 52 more words

Classroom literacy (2): The First Days

Twenty-two children learning to read and write in French and German in Year One (in Alsace) and trying to work out for themselves what these skills might be good for. 2,161 more words


The Living Room (Part I)

First, here’s my front living room on Day One:

And here it is on Day 356:

Did you notice the difference? ;)

-A 7 more words


Gwenyth's 1st Birthday Party

Thank you so much to all who came to celebrate Gwenyth’s first year! What a special time it was for her and wonderful memories to look back on! 108 more words

Living Rude-ly

The Cultural Unit

For the first four weeks of term we have been learning about the Aboriginal Culture.  We have made rainsticks, woven artworks, read many Dreamtime Stories and learnt some songs. 136 more words