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Hot cross buns

Easter is just around the corner and I felt like it would only be fitting for me to make a batch of hot cross buns. I made a… 397 more words


Steamed buns (vegan)

It’s been a while since lil’ bun and I have made Asian inspired delights so we figured that it was about time to make traditional steamed buns. 395 more words


Cake Crown - Hefekranz

This is halfway between a cake and a sweet bread, depending on your tastes. In Southern Germany you serve it with coffee and tea in the afternoon, sometimes with butter (unsalted) and jam. 437 more words


English Muffin Bread

This recipe comes from one of my aunts and has been in my family for years. I never realized so many recipes that I consider family staples, like these  288 more words


Cinnamon buns revisited

It’s been a while since lil’ bun and I made cinnamon buns and by that we mean actual cinnamon buns not cinnamon sugar flavored goodies. So, we decided to dig up our recipe for  276 more words


Sushi bread?

As you all may probably know by now, I love my Japanese food. I mean I’ve made  quinoa sushi, kansai style sakuramochi, kanto style sakuramochi… 469 more words


C.D.Q. Bread (Can-Do-Quickly)

The other day I was helping to prepare a meal for my nephew and his wife who recently had their first baby, and then had to move to a larger apartment quite unexpectedly.   255 more words