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Five-Grain Bread with Walnuts for ED Stamina

And now for one month of emergencies. I brought home the RED pager last night, still turned on. This is a most godawful device. An RSS feed of tragedy. 422 more words

Yeast Breads

Tartine-Style Polenta Cornbread and Tomato Sauces

Mix it till it looks like quicksand, he’d say.

Till it moves like a slow song sounds.

Patricia Smith’s description of making cornbread with her father is perfect. 659 more words

Yeast Breads

Autumnal Aroma Therapy

I love the smell of the garden this time of year. Yeast cells working their magic on the over-ripe remnants of a bountiful harvest. The sweet aroma of fermentation, the scent of woodsmoke in the air and fragrance of  bread baking in the oven – the aroma therapy of Autumn. 547 more words

Karen Hines

Sesame swirl buns - Tangzhong method

Hello Fiesta Friday lovelies, I don’t think many of you know this because you may be new to my blog but I LOVE making bread and a majority of the recipes on my blog have been yeast bread recipes. 616 more words


Honey Wheat Bread

One loaf of honey sweetened wheat bread hot out of the oven to bring that heavenly aroma to your kitchen!

1½ cups hot water (about 110°) 152 more words


Simit (Turkish Bread)

Last week, I came across some cool Turkish copper bowls and serving trays at an antique store. So I bought them! Which then made me think of making something Turkish so I could use the bowls in a post. 947 more words

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Segale con Pancetta

“The madness of an autumn prairie cold front coming through.” The first line of Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections, a book that made me laugh for five hundred pages. 313 more words

Yeast Breads