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Cinnamon Raisin Buns~Extra Soft

“This is my favorite cinnamon bun recipe that I tweaked over the years until I was happy with it.  Sweet and soft, filled with extra raisins, they are very hard to resist!   497 more words

Sweet Breads

Green Peppercorn Bread and Not Yet Dead Chickens

Don’t worry, Betty White is still with us. My husband has an uncanny gift for bird watching. We have narrowly missed horrific car accidents because instead of the road, Karl-Peter’s eyes follow the skies for unusual fowl. 490 more words

Yeast Breads

Braided Cream Cheese and Blueberry Bread

This is actually King Arthur Flour’s Braided Lemon Bread recipe but since I’m not using lemon curd in the filling, I decided to call it the above (longish) name. 515 more words

Eggs And Breakfast

tortas de aceite

Olive Oil Anise Flatbread.

A few days ago, Ben came home with this package of Cookies imported from Seville, Spain. Tortas de Aceite, Ines Rosales. 507 more words

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Tartine Style Country Bread

I picked up a copy of the San Francisco Tartine Bread book at the library because the pictures made me drool.

I had no idea it would forever revolutionize the way I make bread. 676 more words

Yeast Breads

Sweet or Savory roll dough

 Sweet and savory breakfast rolls or dinner rolls….

this is an easy recipe and there are so many ways to bake them up

This recipe makes 2..  513 more words

Herb Bread and the Mailbox

You must know how I love real mail. If the USPS goes belly up, I will literally hire owls or pigeons, any entrepreneur in flight, to keep mailboxes fed with my letters. 428 more words

Yeast Breads