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Pumpkin and Spinach Riscotta Balls

You might be asking what Riscotta balls are?  I decided to mix risotto with ricotta cheese and came up with the name Riscotta.  They’re inspired by Arancini balls which are usually filled with parmesan cheese.  244 more words

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Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Little Miss Muffet ate what?  Curds and Whey?  I loved my nursery rhymes as a little girl but that sounded awful.  It happens to be Ricotta Cheese or Cottage Cheese. 265 more words

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Honey Almond Snaps

Have you planned a snack for Santa this Xmas Eve?  I’m sure he would love these knowing your children made them.  You might like to make a double batch because they will disappear faster than Santa can say ‘Ho Ho Ho’. 206 more words

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100% Rye Quick Bread

I have been experiencing with wheat alternative flours to see how my body reacts. Wheat makes me bloated and my joints feel swelled along with my head all congested. 171 more words


Nightshade-Free No Chile Coconut "Curry" Chicken Soup

After going nightshade free, due to my personal sensitivities and intolerances (anxiety with chile peppers and digestive upset with potatoes and tomatoes, as well as heartburn/indigestion), I was sadly disappointed that one of my top favorite meals was off the list, such as my homemade coconut curry chicken soup, which I would often make with leftover stir-fry, whether vegetarian, chicken, or with seafood. 492 more words


Buckwheat and Seed Bread

This scrumptious bread recipe is yeast-free. There are very, very few store-bought bread options out there – if you are yeast-free, this recipe will help you fulfill your toast dreams once more! 399 more words


protocols and routines

I started my candida cleanse on the 1st of November and have been working on setting up a proper protocol for myself since then. I know myself and I know I need to be very focused and organized in order for this to work. 86 more words

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