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Yeast Infections and Probiotics: Candida Albicans vs. Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Yeast Infections are extremely common infections caused by fungi that normally live in the vagina. The problem arises when there are too many yeast cells in the vagina, causing itching, burning, and discharge. 278 more words

New Product Prevents Yeast infections, UTIs, Makes Vaginas Smell Like Peaches!

Some guys have developed a new probiotic that will make your lady parts smell like peaches! It will also help prevent yeast infections and UTIs! Read more… 43 more words


The day of boy texts and penis problems

Yesterday I not only got vulgar boy texting me for a booty call.. But my old booty call texted me about some penis trouble he’s been having. 235 more words


Maybe They Have a Lot of Yeast...

ISIS reportedly pilfered 1.1-fucking-tons of grain from the Iraqi people.  It is suspected that the grain was distributed to fighters for ISIS in Syria.  It just makes one wonder if they’ve got really fucking itchy yeast infections, and are looking for something to do with it… – Source

Fucking World News

In Just Ten Years What happened to me?

By Joan L. McDaniel                               November 3, 2014

Recently, I had the occasion to take a look at my Driver’s License picture. Pictures of yourself are famously bad but this one blew me away. 562 more words


Vulvodynia Setback

Vulvodynia, vulvodynia, vulvodynia…. I wish if I said it three times, like Beetlejuice, I could make it go away.

Anyways, my mental state currently isn’t well today as I am experiencing a horrible vulvodynia setback. 471 more words

Provoked Vulvodynia