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Dallas Eakins Press Conference - December 16, 2014

I have never be more right about anything that I have been about the Oilers this year. I knew this season was going to be bad and I wasn’t afraid to tell people, so it’s with no hyperbole when I say this has been the most enjoyable Oilers season, for me, since the Western Conference Championship team in 2005-06. 877 more words



This is one of those blog posts where I apologize for the 18749837th  time because 1.) My job is demanding (real estate people) 2.) I actually value my sleep and 3.) My fashion game is becoming a bench-warmer. 220 more words


Take Your Man For a Pedicure.

No seriously, ladies, if your man hasn’t gone for a pedicure yet, take him.  He Will Love It.  Ray’s face was priceless once his feet were soaked in the water, lol.   154 more words

The Daily

Craig MacTavish Press Conference - December 15, 2014

For the second time in 10 days Craig MacTavish was forced to step up to the podium and address why his hockey team is so damn awful. 472 more words


Farm Field -40

December 2014 Update: Kim may have heard me say “I’m done taking pictures of this field” many many times. In my defence I thought it was true. 276 more words


#yeg Spotlight: Holiday Shopping

The festive spirit has been evident in our home for a few weeks now, but my excitement really amps up the moment Halloween is over. Christmas is, without question, my favourite time of the year, and I have enjoyed holiday shopping this year with my favourite little shopping companion by my side. 698 more words