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Bar Bricco

Bar Bricco
10347 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB

Tucked in right next to Corso 32 is Bar Bricco, Daniel Costa’s latest gift to the Edmonton Food Scene. 760 more words


Eat Alberta 2014

Last year I attended Eat Alberta with my friend Jenn, and we had an awesome time! We enjoyed a hands on demonstration on how to make sausage, we learned the tips and tricks of backyard gardening, we tasted all sorts of different kinds of beef, we were taught the basics of making vinaigrettes and of course, we ate all sorts of delicious food and met lots of awesome people. 295 more words


CRAFT Beer Market - nacho test: fail

For a bar that offers more than 100 kinds of beer on tap, starting with nachos was a given. Nachos are a gateway dish, a staple for most brewski-serving establishments, and when this item isn’t up to snuff you must seriously ponder the bar’s dedication to…well…humanity. 542 more words


Packrat Louie - skip the dinnertime entrées

Stay for the appetizers but skip the entrées. Packrat Louie is suffering an identity crisis on price point and wow factor when it comes to towing the line as a fine dining establishment for dinner. 533 more words


Meal Planning Part I: Tips and Tricks

A couple years ago I started making weekly meal plans in an attempt to cut back on waste. I felt like I was throwing away more food than I was eating, not to mention how much money I was spending with each visit to the grocery store. 685 more words

Tzin –fully amazing!

Yesterday was Hubs’ birthday. I won’t share how old he is, but let’s just say he bumped up an age category on certain questionnaires. A few months ago, he came home from one of those super-duper important business meetings that goes from the office, to dinner, to drinks and eventually home raving about the restaurant he had the privilege of enjoying that evening…and he hasn’t shut up about it since. 365 more words


Greek Chicken Gyros, OPA!

Oh boy do I love me a gyro! More broadly I LOVE Greek food; tzatziki, hummus, feta, pita – all delicious, and this slow cooker version of the classic Greek gyro is no exception, it will surely bring a fervent ‘OPA’ to your lips. 439 more words