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Hamas' Goal and Yehovah's Response

During the summer Gaza conflict, I wrote about the goal of Hamas. Today I am re-posting that blog. But this text from Zechariah tells Yehovah God’s response to those who would destroy Israel. 646 more words

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There is Power in The Name

In my first posting on this topic (What’s in a Name?), I established through a chain of scriptural references that God wants His Name to be known and spoken, although it has been hidden from the majority of Jews and Christians for 2,000+ years. 943 more words

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Picking up the Pieces

Storms come and go, but the Lord is here to stay. Sometimes life is difficult, but we can make it through when we just hold on to Yehovah, hold on to Jesus, and hold on to the Holy Spirit! 82 more words


NOT Senseless Violence

Aren’t you getting sick of the weak clichés describing terrorism? Again today after the terrorist murder in Canada’s capital city, the vapid  news commentator condemned the “senseless violence” of the Muslim terrorist murderer. 462 more words

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The Business of Love

I have been working for Yehovah for quite awhile now, mending, weaving, repairing, healing, and many other aspects of His Work. I am very tired spiritually, but the work helps me to keep my mind focused on better things. 86 more words


Giving and Receiving Love

Sometimes it is difficult for me to let people in. I am great at showing Love, but it is more difficult to receive Love. Love is a two way street, it is about both giving and receiving Love. 44 more words



Just trying to get my business started, handcrafting. I’m feeling much better. Things will get better, eventually. Just trust in Yehovah! Trust in Jesus! Trust in the Holy Spirit! 74 more words