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Floral Fun 4

It feels weird to not have written or posted anything lately, but it just seems like there have not been enough hours in the day to give me free time… Anyways, now that spring is in complete bloom (well almost-today it was back down to 40 degrees), I figured I would post some gorgeousness that I am fortunate to find in my backyard… I hope you enjoy the colors as much as I do!

The Backyardigans

Yellow flowers ~

What ye have been ye still shall be, When we are dust the dust among, O yellow flowers!
Austin Dobson




PANSIES are named from the French word “thought” (pensee) and allegedly possess telepathic magic. If you pluck a bloom, you can hear your lover’s thoughts.  ;)


Sunday Snap #9

This week, a photo of the beautiful flowers the fiancé got me on Monday!

Sunday Snap