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While at market yesterday, a worm emerged from one of the squashes (hey, we follow organic growing practices…bugs come with the territory), and I got to watch my own version of National Geographic Explorer on my very table as predation in all its aggressive goriness happened before my very eyes…out of NO WHERE came a wasp (yellow jacket). 82 more words


Neighbors on Both Sides

Lately, I have noticed a plethora of yellow jackets buzzing around our flower beds. Some of the kids and I started tracking them about. We found nests in the eaves of our neighbor’s houses to the north and to the south of us. 24 more words


Creepy Critters

This evening I will share a few creepy critters from my trip to Toronto.

I actually had another post in mind for this evening, but it fell through as I was not able to find what I needed to complete the post. 207 more words


Lethargic in the Morning, Then Watch Out!

This bald-faced hornet hung around the edge of the bricks by the garage door all morning on the Saturday I snapped these shots. He did not move until around 11 o’clock. 87 more words