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Swiss Chard Pasta

Swiss Chard is an amazing vegetable — it tastes great, and is really good for you! It is a great source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, and a variety of other vitamins and minerals.   252 more words


Fresh salad with balsamic sauce

  • mix salad
  • 1 yellow pepper, cored, seeded and roughly chopped
  • fresh cucumber, peel and cut into chunks
  • baby plum tometoes,halved
  • mozzarella
  • italian prosciutto crudo

Sauce… 48 more words


Delicious Mexican Fajitas Recipe

Coming home late after a long working day? No worries! This recipe is so easy to make, it will probably take 10-15 minutes in total. Fajitas is a famous Mexican dish that is healthy and full of nutritional value. 134 more words


Best Veggie Pizza

Back in the day when I lived in Saskatoon my friend and I used to get together and eat. That’s basically all there is to do in Saskatoon. 337 more words


Stuffed Mushrooms with Imitation Crab Meat

As a chef most people find it shocking when they hear that I am not a huge fan of mushrooms. Not that I dislike all mushrooms, I do really like a morel cream sauce. 351 more words


Baked nachos with 8 layers

What to bring to a pot luck… something tasty, easy to prepare and easy to have that second (third?) helping. Enter this baked nacho dish! 228 more words