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Alaska Shakes & Volcano May Affect Yellowstone

Sent in from a reader: “Shishaldin volcano is shaking in the Aleutian chain. Anything connected to Denali also affects Yellowstone.”

Nov. 18 – Active Alaska volcano calms down – for now… 272 more words


unMonday: yellowstone national park

Yellowstone National Park. It never gets old to me… especially the “hot pots” and steaming earth. It’s pretty amazing to┬ásee, and good to remember how lucky we are to live near such a unique place. 134 more words


Super Eruption (2011)

What do you think is the most overused trope in SyFy Channel movies? I dismissed “drilling somewhere you shouldn’t” because it’s a given; and although “estranged couple” is the undisputed champion, running it a close second is “X days earlier”, after a crash-bang-wallop intro leads you to believe the rest of the film might be just as good. 559 more words


Audio File by Aaron Kaplan on Yellowstone, New Madrid Fault etc.

A reader sent this link -

“… his audio file was done on Friday, on the Byte Show. The guest is Aaron Kaplan. The first seven minutes got cut off by mistake. 32 more words


A Volcanic Love Affair

Early one Saturday morning, my parents had decided to take a well-deserved rest and sleep in. At the time they had two loud, annoying children (four more would come eventually, though if you told them this at that time they might have started weeping) and had decided to take a small break from it all. 1,852 more words

Places To Go, Things To See...

I would absolutely love to travel much more often than I actually have. If I can’t physically go somewhere, I’ll read up about it and then imagine myself being in those places, seeing the sights. 337 more words