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News Roundup - 23 April 2014

Part III on the series examining the future of the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force on the Intercross Blog: the domestic law implications of repealing the AUMF. 96 more words


'Massive and unprecedented' US drone strikes in Yemen in pursuit of al-Qa’ida lead to retaliatory assassinations of four Yemeni security officers — www.independent.co.uk

An intensive bombing campaign carried out jointly by US drones and Yemeni government forces has left a reported 68 people dead in a three-day-long operation against al-Qa’ida suspects in the south of the country. 27 more words

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April 19 in Yemen: Another Day, Another Drone Killing

by Joe Scarry

The press announced a flurry of drone killings in Yemen over the April 19/20 weekend — that is, while the rest of us were observing Easter — and just as with U.S. 494 more words


US drone strikes – Surgical warfare?

Over the last weekend 55 people were killed by US drone strikes in Yemen. As the fact that this got barely any news coverage shows, these strikes aren’t exactly uncommon. 745 more words


U.S. Ordered to Release Memo in Awlaki Killing

Benjamin Weiser reports for The New York Times:

A federal appeals panel in Manhattan ordered the release on Monday of key portions of a classified Justice Department memorandum  225 more words


The Drone King's Massacre in Yemen

Abby Martin reports on a wave of US drone strikes that killed as many as 55 people in Yemen, marking one of the deadliest weekends since the advent of drones, and also on a federal court’s ruling to disclose aspects of a classified memo detailing the legal justification for assassination of US citizen Anwar al Awlaki by way of drone strike.’ … 89 more words


Al Qaeda's Own Propaganda Video Accidentally Provides U.S. Intel for Drone Strikes in Yemen

‘..al Qaeda accidentally provides the U.S. Military with their names, faces, vehicle license plates and location..’

by, The Washington Free Beacon 402 more words