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What to bring to Japan?

I recommend to also check out the other videos on this channel. Older videos will give you a view of the culture shock while other later uploaded videos show the beauty of Japan and adventures.


Persona 4 Ep. 22 - Rise's Dungeon... Hmm...

Entering the T.V. World, I gave Teddie the clue to Rise’s whereabouts, thus beginning the Rise dungeon plot. Right off the bat, the game promises to once again make players feel incredibly awkward; it seems Rise’s identity crisis is occurring in a strip club. 336 more words


is the Sun going to set or rise in Japan (aka the Land of the Rising Sun)

CLIFF NOTES: for the reasons shown below, 102.70 is the KEY level for the USD vs JPY. If we exceed this level, then believe the USD will begin to soar again vs the YEN. 395 more words

No action from CBs, back to long carry positions...

The last updates we had from the BoE (Quarterly Inflation Report) and the last disappointing US figures showed clearly that the two major CBs (Fed and BoE) are not ready to tighten. 142 more words

Global Macro

Recovery mode after market turbulence

Markets have been pretty shy this week, with equities recovering after two weeks of ‘correction’.
The S&P500 found support slightly above the 1,900 level on Friday after a 4.35% decline since July 24 high of 1,991.39. 421 more words

Market Update

Special ID

I’m a massive sucker for any Donnie Yen movie but I’ll try to be in biased haha.

The Story

Donnie plays an undercover cop, deep in gang turf, all messed up in the middle of a gang war, where the heads of family’s are fighting for power over area’s of the city. 281 more words


Yen Magazine Photo Awards - Bri Lee's Entry

Hey everyone, I’ve just entered this photo into the Yen Magazine Photo Awards – there’s a People’s Choice winner, so if you could follow the link and vote for me… 86 more words