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One Indicator to Rule Them All... One Indicator to Find Them...

As financial markets become ever more correlated, it becomes increasingly important for traders to use every bit of information at their disposal. One way to do this is by using the movement in other markets to help us predict the future path of the market we are interested in… 336 more words

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USD and Yen

Catching up on Uncle Buck and Johnny Yen, we return to the monthly comparison chart.  Yen continues to search for a low to bounce from if it is going to follow the buck’s bounce plan at orange arrow #3.  61 more words


Looking for the Zen in the Japanese Yen

The origin of the word Zen can be traced back to the Sanskrit word ‘dhyana’ meaning a meditative state. The Japanese Yen at the moment is nowhere near that state. 693 more words


Fed Rides to the Rescue, Things Look Good in Fun-House Mirror that is Global Economy

Stock markets exploded today as the Fed signaled its willingness to take the training wheels off the economy. As was anticipated, today’s FOMC statement dropped the promise to keep rates low for a “considerable time” and hinted that it might be willing to raise rates in the second to third quarters of next year.  329 more words

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Japan: Abegeddon In Progress

Based on the mundane astrological portents (using Blackbox forecasting technology) to Japan’s national horoscope of forecast that the continuation of ‘Abenomics’ (the economic program of Prime Minister Abe), a program of money printing and debt-funded spending to lift Japan from two decades of deflation and stagnation, will not only fail, but will bring disaster for the island nation, resulting ultimately in a inflationary depression during the second half of 2015. 64 more words


Market Topples as Dollar Reverses Gains

In keeping with warnings we issued here, here, and here, global stock markets had one of their worst days since mid-October, with the SPY falling 1.6% today.  289 more words

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yen is low (malaysia fren)

Best time to change yen now if anybody is planing to go japan. Last few week is very low about 2.88 – 2.90. Now is a bit higher, about 2.96. 44 more words