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Yorkshire Evening Post - Thought I'd share it

Here are a couple of articles taken streight from the YEP that made me smile.

The year has been so full of stuff I’d forgotten about Ryan Hall and Payedgate! 2,329 more words


Yep...pretty much...


I’m pretty sure Bryan Fuller just copy and pasted hannigram fanfiction into the end of the script.

sweater weather

“Do you think we can, y’know–”

These are quiet whispers, because it’s taboo. Immoral. It’s a universally-tolerated act, and yet it’s also so universally-scorned. Perhaps it is because we’re not following the commandments of the lord; or perhaps it is because it is morally reprehensible to engage in this, religious affiliation aside. 313 more words

The Daily Post

Yep this is the real truth

In this article your hear the real truth about buying facebook likes and fans. The truth is you shouldn’t.

NOOOPE! #Plague

Right, well now that the whole Nazi War Digger thing is sort of under control, I can finally take the time to address this whole plague kerfuffle. 157 more words



This is the moment I fell in love with Bilbo. Because I understand this expression to the depths of my soul.