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Yes Man

Have you ever seen the movie “Yes Man” where Jim Carrey takes on a challenge to say “yes” to everything for a whole year? Well I have decided to take on that challenge here in Comayagua, Honduras, within reason of course. 983 more words


beware the fear that makes us say 'yes'

I’ve always had a problem establishing healthy boundaries in my life.

It’s part of my personality, that perfect blend of wanting to do it all right punctuated with a performance complex. 1,258 more words

Summer Reading List

Lately I have rekindled my love affair with the public library. As a child, an integral part of my early education involved getting a library card and learning how to use the Dewey decimal system. 396 more words


Being a Grown Up: A Child's Perspective vs Reality

When I was younger I imagined that by 26 I would have my dream job, I’d own my own home, I’d be married, I’d have a couple of dogs and maybe thinking about children! 742 more words


Yes Man: Part 3

So the Yes Man project didn’t get off to the most successful of starts. But since Wednesday i have said yes to almost every request asked of me. 449 more words


Yes Man: Part 2

False start. A while back i posted about trying to say yes as often as is possible, stating that as long as it wasn’t going to kill me there and then or land me straight in jail, yes would be my answer to any request.  129 more words


2015 the year of Yes.

I’m not going to lie, I am a person of the resounding No. No, I’m not coming to your birthday party (too many people!), no, I’m not eating in a crowded restaurant full of buzzing individuals high on life and wine, no, I won’t have coffee with you or go on a date, no, no, definitely not, I’ll think about it, maybe, yes (but later I changed my mind back to) No. 608 more words